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Directual + Mandrill

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What is Mandrill?

Mandrill is a transactional email platform from Mailchimp. Transactional email is a method of communication with a customer in which messages are sent after a specific action has occurred. For instance, we can send emails to alert about success transaction, or to remind about a deadline.

Mandrill screenshot

Sending emails from Directual through Mandrill

First, you need a Mailchimp account with Mandrill add-on. Then, you have to go to Mandrill settings, add and verify your sending domain (For example, if you want to send emails from, you have to verify that is yours). Finally, you generate new API key in Settings→SMPT & API info.

To connect Directual with Mandrill gate you go to yoyr Directual app, Integrations tab. Then—Email settings and click 'New gate':

In the popup-window you shall choose Gate type—Mandrill, and enter your API key and email, from which you'll send messages (remember, you have to verify the domain on Mandrill).

Configuring email gate

Having connected Mandrill gate, you can send emails from scenarios with email step (you can use Template system and add HTML-messages)

Data structure

There is a system data structure with all the information about emails sent: Root/Integrations/SMS/Sent emails (MailLog)

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