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Directual + Twilio SMS

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What is Twilio?

Twilio is a communication platform through which you can send text messages (SMS) from Directual. First, you have to create a Twilio account, buy a number and add funds to your account.

Then, you go to your Twilio Console Dashboard and find: ACCOUNT SID, AUTH TOKEN and the Firndly name of the number which you bought.

Sending SMS from Directual through Twilio

On Directual you go to Integrations tab → SMS and click 'New gate':

Then, you fill the form in popup window (insert the parameters from your Twilio Console Dashboard):

JFYI, accountSID and authToken on this screenshot are fake

Finally, you can send SMS from Directual scenarios, using SMS step. Remember, that you can use Template system here.

Data structure

There is a system data structure with all the information about SMS sent: Root/Integrations/SMS/SMS sent (SmsLog)

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