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January 2022. New platform features

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We are happy to introduce the immense release of the platform that includes solid improvements of the Directual web-page builder. You may apply Directual as a full-stack tool for building complex multipage web-apps like customer portals, CRMs, marketplaces, etc. Just have a look at a sample app from the upcoming showcase section of our website!

Web-pages builder update

Subpages and parameters

Directual web-pages builder supports subpages (second level, third, etc., no limits).  That feature is great when you deal with a list of objects and each object should have a sophisticated view (e.g. with forms or tables on it). Now you can arrange a Cards component, or a Table and pick “open object on a subpage”.

The new component Link button allows you to navigate between pages and subpages. You can simply “go back” or “go to next object”, where the ID of the next object is taken from your API-endpoint.

Just have a look at how it works in this new app from the showcase.

Explore the documentation on subpages.

Using data in HTML/Markdown web-components

HTML and Markdown components become really powerful as soon as you can leverage displaying real data in them. You can connect an endpoint and configure HTML or Markdown enriched with your real data. Moreover, you can use advanced features of the Directual templating engine like dealing with arrays of objects or conditional content rendering.

Form for viewing and editing objects

Form component has always been a powerful tool for data collecting. Now you can apply it for displaying the data — add the fields available for reading only. That is an essential feature for using Forms on subpages!

Have a look at the read-only Form here.

Explore the updated Form documentation.

Custom colouring scheme

You may pick the colouring scheme for your app from the default list, or set it up as you like. Moreover, the colouring scheme may be exported or imported as a JSON-data.

Different options for the main menu

You can now place your main menu on the top or on the left side of the app. Find that setting in portal settings.

Extended pages visibility settings

Page access&security settings now include new options: displaying for not-authorised users only and hiding the page from the main menu.

Extended layout settings

Sections in the page layout now could be hidden for some users —from authorised or not-authorised, or from those who don't have a certain role. Also, you can set up margins and max-width of each section.

6 locales for your apps

You may choose one of the six languages for your Directual-based app:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Russian
  • Japanese


Meet new data-type — geo-location, based on Mapbox. That data type includes:

  • One of the colour schemes;
  • One/several objects on the map;
  • Object card with title, description and photo.

Social signing in plugins

Apply Google and Facebook oAuth for your apps.

More astounding features to come

Suggest features and upvote ones you like on our Public Roadmap.

Nikita Navalikhin
January 31, 2022
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