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New feature. Comments in scenarios

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You'll find the new feature in the latest Platform release—comments in scenarios. We consider this piece of functionality as extremely important and useful. Directual scenarios become easy-to-read.

Let scenarios talk

In fresh 7.1.9 version (released on the 2nd of May) you can see the new system step — Comment. Directual scenarios like traditional code are more often being read than being composed. Comments in the text of programme always help to realise the logic. So the crucial part of scenarios has been missed, and today we’ve fixed that.

We recommend our users to add comments to their scenarios for better readability. It also seems to be extremely useful for teamwork. Your teammate shouldn’t get through each and every step to come up with the logic of a scenario—a couple of comments will keep him in the loop!

Nikita Navalikhin
May 2, 2020
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