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What is is an add-on to Google Sheets that allows to pull data from various apps to Google Sheets on a set schedule with no coding required.

How to pull data from Directual to Google Sheets using

Step 1. Configure API-endpoint on Directual

Any third-party exchange on Directual is organised through API-endpoints. Thus, you go to API builder and create new endpoint where you can choose fields which will be available for reading, also you can setup filtering and sorting.

Step 2. Install Coupler add-on

Go to G suite marketplace and install add-on to your Google-account. Then, open Google Spreadsheet, click Add-onsCoupler.ioOpen dashboard.

Step 3. Connect your API-endpoint

In Coupler dashboard choose JSON client as a data source:

Then, paste your API-endpoint URL to JSON URL. Click 'Show advanced'. You'll find a field 'URL query string' there. Type to that field pageSize: N, where N is a number of objects which Spreadsheet will receive (by default pageSize = 30).

Step 4. Save and run will automatically grab data from Directual API-endpoint (with a certain schedule which you can setup).

If your API-endpoint contains links or arrayLinks, will map the objects to flat table.

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