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Every lesson is carefully prepared by the platform creators to help you get the most out of Directual. See below every available learning resource thus far.

Setting up emails with Resend for the Basic template

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to send transactional emails or just notifications from the platform efficiently using a basic template as an example and we’ll delve into the details. We’ll use Resend as a mail gateway, available as a free plugin on our marketplace, it's efficient, cost-effective, and straightforward to use.

October 3, 2023
Pavel Ershov

How to Create a Shopping Bot for Free – No Coding Guide

No-coding a shopping bot, how do you do that, hmm…with no-code, very easily! Check out this handy guide to building your own shopping bot, fast.

August 1, 2023
Eugene Doronin

Creating a simple web app: your complete guide for 2023

Unleash your inner developer with our step-by-step guide on creating a simple web application. No prior experience needed - learn about the process, best practices, and helpful tips.

July 21, 2023
Pavel Ershov

Connecting Directual and Chatbot.com

Chatbots can be found in a variety of applications, including customer support, virtual assistants, and social media messaging platforms. They provide automated responses and can handle routine tasks, answer frequently asked questions, and even make personalized recommendations. This lesson explains the basics of using Directual synchronic scenarios for creating chatbots.

July 3, 2023
Eugene Doronin

Using Lodash and Sorting Arrays in Directual

We all know that no-code development aims to simplify the process of creating applications without traditional coding techniques. One of the tools that no-code developers use is Lodash — a JavaScript library with functions that make working with arrays, objects, and functions a breeze. This lesson explains how to use the Lodash JavaScript library for sorting arrays in Directual.

June 28, 2023
Eugene Doronin

API Tutorials for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding APIs

Dive into APIs and see how everything’s connected with their help, no-code edition. This guide will help you understand the works behind APIs and how to start using them in your own no-code projects.

April 29, 2023
Leo Khellenbrand

How to Create a Telegram Bot With No Coding?

Ever wondered how to create your own awesome Telegram bot without having to learn to program? This short article will give you a complete walkthrough of the process—with the added bonus of using Telegram bots with Directual.

April 19, 2023
Nikita Navalikhin

Dealing with JSONs and Links

This lesson covers a few practical approaches to handling data in JSON format.

March 27, 2023
Eugene Doronin

Connecting ChatGPT and Directual scenarios

In this lesson, we’ll learn how to use the Open AI ChatGPT plugin with Directual no-code scenarios to create a Telegram bot.

March 12, 2023
Pavel Ershov