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Develop and run backend easily

Configure cloud database

  • Set up database structure easily
    Directual provides intuitive tools for fast configuration of data base. Set up folders, data structures, objects’ fields, groups of fields. Deal with such types of data as string, number, date, file, link, json, etc.
  • Enjoy fast and furious data processing
    Powered by Amazon’s cloud infrastructure, NoSQL Directual database is built to scale with your app. The algorithms for processing, filtering and searching support fast and smooth work of your app.
  • Use file storage for images and documents
    Directual file storage is designed to help you easily store user-generated content, such as photos and documents. The file storage supports user-based security, as well as all the Directual APIs.

Design API-methods

  • Build endpoints for POST, GET requests
    To work with database via web or mobile interfaces developer should design and create API-endpoints which processes POST and GET requests. Directual API-builder helps to do it quickly and easily.
  • Implement strong user-based security
    Some data must be protected. Having Directual API-builder developer can set up data filtering rules based both on data itself and user parameters. This allows to set up the highest security level.
  • Insert embed-views directly into your app
    You can embed Directual API-endpoint view into any web page that supports iframes. Embed view includes the list of objects, object page and a form. It also supports user-based security and all the data filters.

Authenticate users

  • Set up the role model for your app
    Rare application doesn't need different roles for its users. There can be admins, unauthorised users, members and customers. Each of them should have access to his private data and personalised app functions.
  • Implement role model in scenarios and APIs
    Directual authentication module provides an opportunity to have any number of user roles. These roles are described by flexible rules in API-builder and visual scenarios.
  • Connect with external identity provider
    If necessary, you can connect Directual with such external identity provider as Okta, Microsoft AD, Google oAuth, etc. Those providers can enrich you app by additional identity services and security analytics.

Implement backend logic

  • Design event-based and scheduled logic
    Event-based Directual automatic scenarios process new objects in real time–for example clicking on a button or filling a form. Scheduled scenarios processes data regularly.
  • Apply intuitive visual scenario designer
    Directual scenario designer is simple but powerful. One can observe and configure all the objects flows just by dragging and dropping blocks–scenario steps.
  • Enjoy absolute flexibility of Directual scenarios
    Basic Directual scenario steps are just actions with abstract objects. Thanks to this Directual scenario engine provides absolute level of flexibility for configuring almost any backend logic.

Integrate with other systems

Directual integrations allow you to connect your app with popular services: site-builders, CRMs, email, messengers, social networks and many others.

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Free until you’re ready to skyrocket

No trial here. You are welcome to learn and experiment. Directual will be free as long as your app is small and isn’t in prod. Then just choose the proper paid plan–they are flexible and start from 30$ monthly.