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No-code academy

/ 101-crash course

To give you a headstart, we’ve packed all the fundamentals of Directual in a digestible video format. Build up your knowledge of the platform from the ground up, see practical app-building examples, and learn tips & tricks.

What you will learn

  • What types of apps you can build on Directual
    Learn if your project is something you can build (spoiler alert: 90% chance it is) on the platform and how to get started.
  • What app structure is like and how to use building blocks
    Discover step-by-step how to structure your app and which logic cubes to use, all in the correct order from the get-go.
  • How to connect your Directual app to other third-party services
    Integrating your project with all sorts of apps and websites is easier than it sounds—see how it’s done at every stage of your app.

Course tutorials

David Watson
23 video tutorials
192 minutes
No skill requirements

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