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/ No-Code Database & API-builder

Build scalable NoSQL databases and create your own APIs like a pro. Millisecond response time even for high load apps, enterprise-grade security, and customizable integration API.

Build your own databases

Fast & easy configuration

Get everything you need to configure databases at a snap of your finger. Set up folders, data structures, objects’ fields, and field groups. Data type configuration is just as easy, including strings, numbers, files, and complex JSON data.

AI-powered filtering

Enjoy automatic suggestions and text-based filtering. Your customers won’t need to search for particular options in the menu too, thanks to OpenAI integration. Just enter the query, and Directual will automatically match it with the right entry.

Flexible storage & file generation

Got a whole lot of things to host? No problem. Easily host files and images, configure API for file exchange, and generate documents and files on the go. The best bit—you can choose CDNs around the world for top download speeds.

Cloud NoSQL database

Authenticate users

Detailed user profiles

Directual stores user data in a structure you can configure to your liking. Add any field you need, such as personal information, contact data, statistics, sales data, and any others.

Role-based access

With Directual, you can set up complex role-based access models for both data and app pages—including dynamic roles that change depending on user action. Web page builder features also include user access functionality.

Social & decentralized authentication

Let your users log in via both centralized and decentralized third-party services. Google, Facebook, MetaMask, Trust, and other services are available for user authentication straight out of the box.

Users authentication


RESTful API builder

Easily design API endpoints capable of processing both POST and GET requests. That way, you can hook up your database to web or mobile interfaces and create apps with top response speed.

Advanced customization

Directual’s API builder can help you configure complex API settings, such as filtering, validating, sorting, custom query parameters processing, and (a unique Directual feature!) calling synchronic scenarios.

Webhooks, baby!

Because what a sad world it would be without trigger-based data exchange. Multiple webhooks are supported for every app, and you can parse webhook messages with the help of the JSON-scenario step as well.

No-code RESTful API

Scale your app to any level

Storage for millions of records

Thanks to Directual’s powerful backend and data processing, handling millions of records doesn’t strain the system in the slightest. Don’t worry about performance slowing down as you grow: it’ll keep up with you at every stage of your journey.

Fast & furious data processing

Powered by Amazon’s cloud infrastructure, the NoSQL Directual database is built to scale with your app. The algorithms for processing, filtering, and searching support fast and smooth data processing at any scale.

CI/CD approach in place

Directual is built with respect for all the principles of modern software development. That means all the essential features of app development are available, such as app versioning and multi-environmental DEV–TEST–PROD migration.

Scale no-code app

Bring your idea to life

Ready to build your dream app?

Join 15,000+ no-coders using Directual and create something you can be proud of—both faster and cheaper than ever before. It’s easy to start thanks to the visual development UI, and just as easy to scale with powerful, enterprise-grade databases and backend.