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/ No-Code Blockchain & Web3 Platform

Create blockchain dApps of just about any complexity on Polygon, Ethereum, and NEAR networks, with more to come. Wallet creation and authorization, NFTs, and Smart contracts.

Integrate your app with different networks

Blockchain integrations

Connect your dApp with Ethereum L1/L2, Polygon, and NEAR in just a few minutes with the help of pre-made integrations. More networks to come: Bitcoin, Binance, Aurora, and others are already in development. 

Scenario functions

Interconnect your data using links and arrays of links between different objects. For example, you can link orders to customers and set multiple links from managers to the orders to be processed. 


Send crypto and get transaction data

Transaction history

Monitor historic and real-time transactions within Directual scenarios and perform any event-based logic steps. On top of that, you can build sophisticated reports based on transaction history. 

Transaction processing

Send crypto directly from your scenarios based on schedule, events, or user action from the app's UI. You can build complex logic with 2-factor transaction confirmation in place.

Crypto transactions

Manage crypto wallets

Wallet storing

Directual database allows you to save and store wallet credentials in order to receive crypto, get transaction data, and send crypto from the wallet.

Wallet creation

Create new wallets and assign them to users in just a few clicks. Perfect advanced blockchain products. 

Crypto wallets

Introduce NFTs

NFT transfers

Transfer NFT tokens based on scenario steps (giveaways, contests, trading, and more), and let your users sell them for crypto without leaving your dApp.

NFT parsing (soon)

See what kind of NFTs are present on the target wallet and introduce scenarios and role-based access depending on available data.


Bring your idea to life

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Join 22,000+ no-coders using Directual and create something you can be proud of—both faster and cheaper than ever before. It’s easy to start thanks to the visual development UI, and just as easy to scale with powerful, enterprise-grade databases and backend.