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/ No-Code Web-Page Builder

Build beautiful no-code UI for your projects and internal apps. The components library features tables, kanban board, forms, and others. You can also create custom plugins as well.

Launch mobile-friendly web portals

Super-fast frontend development

With Directual’s Web-page builder, you can launch gorgeous and mobile-friendly web apps in just a few minutes. No worries about load times, thanks to the code being based on lightweight ReactJS. 

Role-based page access

Segregate your project into public and private areas for authorized users with certain roles. The access parameters are highly customizable and can be event-based.

Free SSL certification

Besides deploying your project to a subdomain of directual.app, you can also publish your project to any custom domain. Moreover, Directual automatically provides SSL ("secure socket layer") to encrypt your app.

Mobile-friendly web-portal

Customize to the limit

Page and subpage setup

Your web pages can include an unlimited number of subpages. Build web structures of any complexity, link order, and functionality. For instance, your page can lead to a Kanban board, which then leads to a different page with its own structure.

Color schemes and design settings

Make your app look pretty! Dark, light, pre-made, and custom color schemes are available. You can also create a unique font pair for your app, set a border radius for buttons and inputs, and so much more.

HTML/CSS/JS/Custom plugins

With the custom HTML function, you can create absolutely any components you can think of. While the knowledge of HTML/CSS and JS is not required, if you have it, only your imagination will be the limit of what you can do with Directual.

Real-time updates via Socket.io

Make a connection to the server and keep it running! With WebSocket API, you can start continuous data exchange sessions between a browser and a server, and receive event-driven responses as they come. Perfect for notifications!

Cistomize UI

Add interactive forms

Easy data collection

Forms that are made to be both beautiful and functional. Create gorgeous forms to use in your web app (suitable for editing the objects as well), or embed them into external web pages—and see the data roll through.

Dynamic form sections

Tailor form sections to particular user groups or input. The sections can be hidden or shown based on the input data—country selection revealing the city list is a good example of that.  

Synchronical processing

Connect Directual scenarios in a synchronic mode to calculate data (for example, leasing or debt data) or call an external API and then show the result to the user.

Interactive dynamic form

Use Cards, Table, or Kanban views

Gorgeous UI views

Easily organize data views for your users that are both functional and pleasing to the eye. Directual has card, table, Kanban, and other views—all highly customizable.

AI-powered sorting & filtering

Sort data without aiming for a precise term for it to work. Just a text query is enough, thanks to the OpenAI integration. This way, data can be sorted and filtered faster, better, and easier. 

Action buttons

Add action buttons or even forms to your card view items. You can also set up conditions for actions depending on the user’s session or object data.

Cards, Table, Kanban

Bring your idea to life

Ready to build your dream app?

Join 15,000+ no-coders using Directual and create something you can be proud of—both faster and cheaper than ever before. It’s easy to start thanks to the visual development UI, and just as easy to scale with powerful, enterprise-grade databases and backend.