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Directual vs. Xano

March 22, 2024

Compare Directual no-code platform with Xano backend no-code solution to determine which suits your project better. Full comparison of features, pricing, and key differences.

Directual vs. Xano

One is a powerful tool that lets startups scale, and the other one…is kinda the same. So, what are the differences? Turns out, there are many. The short and long of it: Directual is your full-stack AI-powered go-to that scales, and Xano is the database MVP that also scales. Let’s see what else differs!

What is Directual

Directual is a no-code, no-nonsense platform for building software without coding skills. It's good for building everything from back-office apps to complex data processing systems. You don't need other tools to scale up either.

The whole platform works on logic cubes—Lego blocks for adults but for software actions. If you're tech-savvy, you can tweak the code to your liking.

Directual turns ambitious ideas into reality—from sleek admin panels to futuristic AI and web3 apps. With smart chatbots, you can improve almost any aspect of your project.

But wait… there’s more! With Directual-GPT, you can turn chats into project plans, bypassing the need to fiddle with logic cubes. Say it and it will be done. Okay, marketing spiel over, let’s see the other one.

What is Xano

Xano is a backend platform that cuts the hassle out of building app infrastructure. It hands developers everything they need—user auth, database management, serverless functions—on a silver platter.

The platform is pretty straightforward and designed for easy use, even for backend novices. Drag-and-drop your way through creating databases, APIs, and whatever-elses to save yourself some headaches in the process.

Xano offers a beefy user auth system that's easy to hook up. It covers everything from sign-ups to password resets. No need for SQL acrobatics either—just drag, drop, and manage your data without messing up. Plus, serverless functions mean you can run custom code triggered by events without sweating over server upkeep.

Platforms purpose



Directual is a full-stack platform with powerful backend capabilities.

Directual includes:

  • Database;
  • API-builder;
  • Scenarios for complex logic and integrations (both sync and async);
  • UI-builder for web-apps;
  • Features for teams;
  • App lifecycle management (including schema versioning).

Xano is a pure backend platform.

Xano includes:

  • Database;
  • API-builder;
  • Functions for simple synchronic logic;
  • Features for teams;
  • Schema versioning.

Features overview


Learn about Directual databases and API (including configuration)

Learn about Xano database configs

  • NoSQL database;
  • Visual editor;
  • One-to-one and one-to-many relations;
  • DQL filtering;

More or less the same

  • Visual editor;
  • ER-diagram;
  • One-to-one and one-to-many relations.

More or less the same


Directual API builder and how to use it

Xano API builder docs

More or less the same

  • CRUD endpoints;
  • Swagger.

More or less the same

Business logic

Check out Directual backend

See Xano data functions

Directual sync scenarios = Xano functions.

Additionally Directual includes:

  • Rich visual scenario designer;
  • Sync and Async processing;
  • WebSockets;
  • Integrations;
  • Data transformation;
  • Reports;
  • Real-time data processing;
  • Scheduled jobs;
  • Notifications;
  • User-generated plugins.

Directual scenario builder is a key feature of the platform. It is powerful and flexible.

Xano functions = Directual sync scenarios.

  • No visual designer;
  • No async logic.

Not as powerful as Directual’s, but that seems to be by design


Build cool web pages with Directual

Can’t do that!

  • Mobile-friendly web-apps;
  • Ideal for internal apps, admin portals, CRMs;
  • A lot of templates;
  • User-generated web-plugin.;

🚫 No UI-building capabilities


Directual Web3 features

Can’t do that either

  • Decentralized auth;
  • Blockchain integrations;
  • NFT and smart-contracts management.

🚫 No Web3 capabilities

Team features

Perfect for teams

Also perfect for teams, but with lower commission payouts

  • Fits for agencies and freelancers;
  • Up to 50% affiliate commission.
  • Fits for agencies and freelancers;
  • 20% affiliate commission.

Pricing comparison

See pricing
Accepts: MIR, Visa/Mastercatd, Crypto

See pricing
Accepts: Visa/Mastercatd

Team plan

$54 / month per seat.

Up to 50% affiliate commission.

Team plan

$145 / month per 3 seats (minimum).

20% affiliate commission.


14-day free trial for Startup-plan.

1-month 1$ trial for Pro-plan.

All features are included.

Free plan

100k records

Few features


$39 / month

Basic features + Community support.

30k processing operations.

3k sync operations.

30k GET-requests.

3k POST-requests.

3k scenario HTTP-requests.


$99 / month

Limited CPU, Version History, Bandwidth.


$139 / month

Pro features + Individual consultations.

500k processing operations.

50k sync operations.

500k GET-requests.

50k POST-requests.

50k scenario HTTP-requests.

100 RPS.


$429 / month

Business features + Premium support.

2M processing operations.

200k sync operations.

2M GET-requests.

200k POST-requests.

200k scenario HTTP-requests.

1000 RPS.

Scale 1x

$225 / month

Scale 2x

$405 / month

Scale 4x

$765 / month

Scale 8x

$1 440 / month

No clear instructions on which plan fits a certain app load—unfortunate.

Additional criteria

⏱️ SOC2 & HIPAA compliance is in the 2024 roadmap (gotta catch up!).

ChatGPT plugin for AI-assisted development

✅ SOC2 & HIPAA compliant


At the end of the day, it all boils down to what you need to build. Yes, an old proverb that doesn’t exactly soothe the eyes, that, but it’s true. With Directual, you can build powerful anything. With Xano, you can build powerful databases and backend. It’s also worth noting that Xano is extremely useful for people who already know a thing or two about backend, whereas Directual is accessible to the meek, the clueless, and the aspiring.


What is a Backend?
What is a Backend?

A backend includes a server that runs your content, a database that structures it, and an API that delivers content between the frontend and backend. Backend also includes the logic that drives your app, which can be built with Direct use, unlike Xano.

Should there be a separate Backend?
Should there be a separate Backend?

Nocode platforms complement each other well. Directual can be used for backend, whereas Flutterflow can be used for the mobile app frontend. Backend often needs scalability and internal tools, like an admin panel, which Directual excels at.

What is cheaper for backend, Directual or Xano?
What is cheaper for backend, Directual or Xano?

While Xano has a free plan with certain features, even when it comes to short-to-middle term, Directual’s limits and functionality end up being more affordable for the value offered.

Ready to build your dream app?

Join 15,000+ no-coders using Directual and create something you can be proud of—both faster and cheaper than ever before. It’s easy to start thanks to the visual development UI, and just as easy to scale with powerful, enterprise-grade databases and backend.