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Build Telegram Mini Apps code-free

Create powerful Telegram Mini Apps integrated with TON lightning-fast! Complete support for TMA of any complexity or scale.

Telegram Mini Apps

Reach 900M+ audience

Telegram’s numbers are through the roof: it will soon join WeChat as one of the biggest super-apps on the market, with TMAs published right within its App Center.

Onboard users with ease

Turn the onboarding process into something completely invisible. The user can simply open the TMA and authorize right away, with Telegram Bots guiding and updating users via push messages.

Go cross-platform

No need to account for different platforms. TMAs work across all platforms that support Telegram: iOS, Android, Web, Windows, and Mac. Accessible anywhere, to anyone.

Users authentication

TON Blockchain

All you need is Telegram

The TON wallet is integrated into the messenger. Any of 900M+ of users can access their own wallet and pay or receive payments through it.

Ridiculously affordable

The Open Network is a state of the art blockchain that managed to reduce gas prices and commissions to an absolute minimum. A definitive benefit for crypto projects of any scale.

The easiest fiat to crypto

Buying and selling TON is easy to do for any user. TONcoins can be purchased via p2p, other crypto, credit cards, and gajillion of other payment methods supported by the wallet.

Real-time back-end logic

TMA + TON + Directual = Your dream project

Forget about the need for coding skills, dev team budgets, or long time commitments. Thanks to Directual, you can build an app of any scale and use Telegram and TMA to the full extent of their capabilities.

Pro-level no-code platform

Directual is one of the heavyweight champs in the no-code arena. Build scalable apps capable of doing anything and look good while they’re at it. Databases capable of processing millions of entries, real-time processing, support for any API—we’ve got it all.

Directual + Telegram = 💙

Creating powerful Telegram bots has never been easier. Unleash the full potential of your bots by building them on Directual. Any level of complexity, any AI integrated, any volume of requests—at your fingertips.

The first no-code for Web3

Directual is the only Web3-enabled no-code platform that fully supports both centralized and decentralized functionality. Apart from other networks, the TON integration is made in two clicks. Use any API method with Directual—the platform is as flexible as you need it to be.

Driven by the community

We’re proud to help tens of thousands of businesses achieve the incredible, the impossible, and the unattainable at fraction of a time and cost. We share this with the TON and Telegram communities, comprised of people who truly care about what we bring to the world.


What is Toncoin Telegram?
What is Toncoin Telegram?
TONcoin is the cryptocurrency of The Open Network (TON)—a powerful Web3 ecosystem integrated into the Telegram Messenger accessible to 900M+ people around the world. It gives anyone the opportunity to own their digital identity, assets, and data.
What is Telegram Mini App?
What is Telegram Mini App?
Telegram Mini Apps (TMA) are web apps built into the Telegram Messenger, which can connect to 3rd party service providers in their own mini app environment. That way, they can access services, be used to purchase goods directly from said service providers, and a lot more.
How to build Telegram Mini App (TMA) without coding?
How to build Telegram Mini App (TMA) without coding?
You will need a powerful no-code platform for that. Directual is the first no-code platform fully integrated with Telegram and TMA. You can integrate your Directual project with TMA in two clicks and build apps of any scale within the platform’s visual app design interface.
How Telegram Mini Apps are monetized?
How Telegram Mini Apps are monetized?
In-app purchases, subscription models, and advertising. As time comes, Mini Apps will certainly receive more ways to be monetized. As of 2024, TMAs are just at the beginning of their journey in the crypto ecosystem.

Ready to build apps of any scale?

Dip your toes into the water! See the full functionality of Directual during the trial period. Try the Startup plan free, and see just how much you can achieve without any coding knowledge whatsoever.