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/ Automatic Integrations

Integrate anything. Browse our library of plugins featuring Airtable, OpenAI, Google Sheets, Facebook, and others, or make your own—with custom APIs and flexible HTTP requests.

Use plugins for integration

Use pre-made plugins for integration

Take advantage of a wide range of plugins available free of charge. Authenticate with Facebook, Google, and OpenID. Connect your apps to Gmail, Trello, s3, and many others. Create web3 dApps with MetaMask, Polygon, WalletConnect, and other integrations just as well.

Or build your plugins with ease

No problem if you’d like to connect a service not currently integrated with Directual. Develop your own plugins fast, and visit our communities for assistance from like-minded no-coders.

Plugins catalogue

Call Directual from third-party systems

API endpoints

Easily establish data exchange with customizable API endpoints. Use filtering, user-based security, and the automatic validation of incoming data. The best bit—there is no limit on queries made to Directual. Send as many as you like.


Capitalize on Directual’s powerful webhook customization. Establish communication with any part of data: headings, page body, or other parameters. What’s more, you can use synchronic logic to process an incoming request via scenarios and return a modified response.

Request Directual

Call third-party systems from Directual

Universal HTTP-request step

If the third-party service in question has API, communicate with it! You can create any scenario-based query and pull data to your app.

Response processing

Once a response is received, you can process it in any scenario you have. Check for errors and receive alerts if there are any, perform database mapping, make calls to other systems, and so much more.

Advanced request settings

The request step is highly customizable. Set up timeouts, retry conditions, sign the request with your certificates, and even make requests via proxy. Only Directual can do that!

Directual requests

Connect your frontend

Got a no-code frontend preference?

No problem at all. Directual can easily connect to no-code frontend platforms like WordPress, Bubble, Adalo, and so many others. Anything that has API you can connect. Supercharge your app with the UI solutions you use the most.

Develop frontend traditionally 

In case you have a frontend team or you’re coding it yourself (ReactJS for example), Directual will be your powerful backend capable of supporting it all. We respect traditional development methods. You’ll find Swagger extra useful if that’s your approach!

Directual and custom front-end

Bring your idea to life

Ready to build your dream app?

Join 22,000+ no-coders using Directual and create something you can be proud of—both faster and cheaper than ever before. It’s easy to start thanks to the visual development UI, and just as easy to scale with powerful, enterprise-grade databases and backend.