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Announcing OpenAI + Directual: no-code even faster and better!

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OpenAI is coming to Directual, with a fantastic benefit: converting plain text queries into code! If you ever wanted to simply tell your no-code app what you want in your own words and witness how it all comes together on its own - here’s how it’s going to work!

This billion-dollar project has been absolutely sweeping through the internet ever since ChatGPT and Dall-E 2 made an entrance to the public. ChatGPT in particular is an extremely useful tool, something that can be used for more than idle chatter with a highly-trained neural network. In fact, your no-coding experience is about to be even more pleasant and fast, right in Directual.

What is OpenAI

It’s a next-level company that the tech giants are currently competing for. Microsoft has already stepped in with a billion dollars in hand, seemingly in its largest bid to try and outrun Google at this time. 

Simply speaking, OpenAI’s projects are absolutely mind-blowing. One of them, which is less relevant to this article, is Dall-E 2.

This Dall-E 2 art piece by Jason M. Allen, “Théâtre D’opéra Spatial,” has won the Colorado State Fair’s annual art competition. Jason got $300 dollars out of it and sparked an incredible conversation on the nature of art.

Yes, it’s beautiful. It’s likely you’ve seen many of Dall-E 2’s works, some of which have striking clarity and creativity. 

But that’s not the point. Instead, let’s talk about…

Capitalizing on ChatGPT with Directual 

This product of OpenAI is currently headed toward commercial use. ChatGPT is capable of having proper conversations, writing essays, articles, and…that’s the most interesting part to us no-coders - it can help with coding and no-coding!

Just before a wrong idea comes through, OpenAI is not a replacement for programmers. It’s a helpful tool that will allow building projects even faster. With its help, you can develop your no-code apps even faster by converting plain text into code. Oh, and you can embed similar functionality into your app for your end-users!

Lo and behold:

OpenAI filters in Cards component

No more painstaking entering the precise term, ChatGPT will find it for you.

Open AI as an alternative to DQL
Using natural language when creating filters in API-endpoint

Just write down what you want to see, and ta-daaa! ChatGPT will automatically figure out what you’re looking for and input the necessary queries. 

Now, this is just an appetizer before your main course: the OpenAI plugin, which will become available in Directual very soon — we’ll let you know about it separately. Stay tuned!


ChatGPT truly brings no-code to no-code on a whole new level. In case you’d like to know more about what you can potentially do with your app, do send us a message at


Pavel Ershov
January 17, 2023
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