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Case study. Electronic catalogue for Schlumberger

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Being a renowned innovator in Oil&Gas, Schlumberger chose Directual as a basic technology for its Electronic Catalogue solution. Thanks to the low-code approach the application was delivered in a minimal time-to-market. All the business needs were met, because Directual low-code platform does not have any significant functional limitations.


Schlumberger is a leading oilfield services company. Schlumberger employs more than 100,000 people representing 140 nationalities working in 120 countries.

Product based on Directual

Electronic catalogue is a web-app with the following sections:

  • Public catalogue with e-commerce features;
  • Admin panel for petrophysicists for managing the catalogue;
  • Automation of request processing flow.


The product description

Public catalogue

There are four interconnected parts of the catalogue:

  • Devices;
  • Interpretation Solutions;
  • Software;
  • Cases.

Each element of the catalogue has a description, specifications, photos and figures. Connections between elements allow customers to investigate all the details of a solution and explore real business cases.

Key feature for supporting the self-service process is an elaborate configuration step-by-step wizard. The customer choses the oilfield parameters and then, the system provides the customer with suitable solutions and relevant cases. Such a feature reduces the amount of needed pre-sale activities significantly.

Admin tools

System admins are the petrophysicists, who know the customer journey profoundly. There are two main features for admins:

  • CMS, where the catalogue items are managed. Admin adds description, specifications, images, links to other catalogue items;
  • Configuration wizard constructor. That is the number of questions to ask in oder to serve the customer efficiently. The wizard is not fixed, but flexible for development without any additional coding.

Process automation

Directual scenarios allowed to automate request processing and reporting.

Why was Directual chosen as a basic technology?

The key reasons for choosing Directual are:

  • Great time-to-market. The whole project was performed in a couple of months.
  • Ability to build next-level no-code tool: the configuration wizard. Other low-code/no-code platforms didn’t suite for that challenge.
We did make the right choice when decided to work with Directual. The platform met all the business needs, as well as all the stability and security requirements. I believe that Electronic catalogue project has initiated the long-term fruitful partnership with Directual.

Anastasia Sisakyan, Product owner and petrophysicist at Schlumberger

Local partner

Velid is a Moscow-based integrator. Velid has a professional team with a strong experience in product management, Directual development and front-end development.

In case of an interest

Should a reference or any additional case details are needed, please, contact us:  

Nikita Navalikhin
August 24, 2020
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