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Directual + Polygon = ❤️

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Our platform supports even more blockchain solutions! Enjoy the Polygon plugin for quick creation of crypto products straight on Directual, hassle-free.

Even though the Polygon plugin has been here a while, it’s time we finally covered what you can do with it in Directual! Drum roll, introducing Polygon, a fantastic plugin you can use with your crypto products!

What is Polygon?

So long story short, a polygon is a plane figure with a finite number of segments…wait, scratch it. 

Polygon is an extremely popular L2 network (sidechain) that is closely intertwined with the Ethereum blockchain. Polygon has its own tradable cryptocurrency called MATIC, used to pay network fees, cover governance (yup, it’s a DAO with voting rights!), and staking.

The purpose of Polygon is to reduce transaction times and lower the transaction fees for users. An extra support line to reduce the load on the main blockchain, if put plainly. It can also interact with a boatload of crypto apps compatible with Ethereum. 

It’s quite a complex solution that has a great number of uses, a fantastic community, and a big future. No wonder we wanted you to be able to use it with Directual! Speaking of which…

What can you do with it in Directual?

Just to start off, Directual is ideal for all things Web3. You can go as far as building a complete crypto product from the ground up, complete with UI, an admin panel, authentication, transactions, live exchange rates, wallet (and its balance), contract fulfillment (soon-ish!), and much more—all with our pre-made logic cubes.

This is what it looks like in Directual. Wire the functions together and voila!

Pretty much the entire functionality of the solution is at your fingertips. To provide an example, here’s a nice listening and adding balance for users flow you can easily create yourself on our platform: 

Looks too simple? That’s because it’s not all that hard anymore. Enjoy!

Try it yourself! Polygon and Ethereum together open a pretty big window of opportunity if you have a particular crypto idea in mind. As always, be sure to check out our documentation, and in case of questions, head over to our community. We’ll be happy to help you get started!

Wait, what? You guys have MetaMask?

Why, yes! With that lil’ thing onboard, you can streamline your MATIC transactions even faster and easier.

Not to mention that it’s a fantastic wallet solution you can pretty much start using right off the bat together with your product. 

Better yet, check out this video of building a complete marketplace on Polygon! It’s a fantastic case of what this plugin is capable of together with our platform.


Web3 is the future, there is little doubt about that. We have big plans for Web3 functionality with Directual, so if you are an aspiring crypto startup, or anyone really with an interest in this topic, stick around. Every month or so, we tend to surprise with good news on that front. 

In case of questions about Directual or how anything works, do let us know by sending a message to Be happy to hear from you!

Nikita Navalikhin
September 12, 2022
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