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May 2021. New platform features

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The nature is flourishing in May, so does the platform! We are happy to introduce such long-awaited features as Table component for web-page builder and the ability to colour Cards. Also, the handling date data becomes much easier with formatting settings. And finally, UI/UX of a HTTP-request step was totally reworked. More to come!

Table component

Directual web-page builder now includes Table view for your data. Table view works as cards, when you click a row. It means, you can set up an object view, define which fields are available for reading, and which ones — for writing. Also, you can set up actions for the object itself and objects, linked with it. Setting up the Table, you can define which fields are included to the view, the columns order, and set up some columns as pictures or buttons.

Cards colouring

Often, there is a need to emphasise some differences between objects visually. The best way to do that is to use different colours. For instance, if your Cards list contains features and bugs, you may set bugs as red cards, and features as green ones. The colouring option depends on the object field, where you store the code of the color (e.g. red colour has #ff0000 code). That means, that you can set up the colours from scenarios, with absolute flexibility! There are several visual options of colouring: stripe on the left side, card border or the whole fill.

Date formatting

If you add a field type of date, you can define its formatting settings. Any part of the platform or an app will take into account those settings for the field. You can set up the following things: locale, date/time format, time constraints, weekday constraints, and default time zone.

HTTP-request step update

The HTTP-request step has been rebuild. Now you can easily add URL params, Headers, compose different types of body content, use such advanced settings as a retry option or choosing timeouts.

P. S. In the nearest days we are going to introduce open development pipeline to let you see the future platform features, report bugs, suggest ideas and upvote the features you need most.

Nikita Navalikhin
May 17, 2021
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