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There have always been a lot of tech savvy people among Directual community members who were ready to apply their skills for developing platform extensions. Today Directual team is happy to provide such people with plugin features! Having that functionality, any person is able to develop and deliver a plugin like a connection with CRM or with a payment system.

Enjoy the unlimited integration flexibility

Today Directual becomes an extensible platform. Have a look at new plugin catalogue (which is the one place for all the integrations now). You’ll find there plugins for connecting emails like Gmail or Mailchimp, for connecting Messengers like Telegram or Slack, or for getting data from different public sources. The number of plugins is growing rapidly, we expect to have at least 300 different plugins by the end of the year!

Anyone can develop a plugin, use it for certain apps and, after a moderation, make it public.

Using plugins is really easy. Have a look at the new end-to-end tutorial, where we’re building an app which utilises the OpenWeatherMap plugin for getting information about current weather conditions in different regions.

More plugin features are coming soon

As of today, we released the plugins for connecting Directual scenarios with third-party systems via HTTP-requests. But more to come in the nearest months: plugins for new components for Web-page builder, plugins which include whole scenarios data structures and datasets. Moreover, the authors will be able to sell their plugins!

Nikita Navalikhin
July 29, 2021
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