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The First
No-code for Web3

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Leverage decentralisation
in a visual no-code way

Directual is a full-stack no-code platform perfect for building MVPs and scaling them into a full product. Launch web- or web3 apps without programming skills, lightning-fast!

Building a web3-app step-by-step:

Developing the essence of your app

Using decentralised authentication

Sign in with MetaMask
Sign in with WalletConenct
Release is planned for August '22

Connecting to the blockchain

Plugins already available:
Coming soon:

Configuring Directual scenarios

Get transactions history
Get transactions in real-time
Get rates and convert coins
Perform transactions
Create wallets
Manage NFTs (soon)
Call smart-contracts (soon)

Adding crypto payments to app

Configure "Pay" buttons
Get crypto to your wallet with optimal gas fee

Kickstart your web3-journey!

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