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No-code in 2022, and the future ahead

See what impact 2022 made on the no-code community and what future awaits it. Spoiler alert: it’s going to be great! As an added bonus, we’ve included a recap of the journey Directual made through the year. Enjoy!

2022 has been a year of many different things. Without delving into politics, let’s explore what this year has been for no-code and low-code instead. Indeed, this has been a breakthrough period of sorts, as the no-code community continues to flourish at an accelerating pace. So what has happened, and what’s next?

Statistics on no-code/low-code for 2022 and beyond

Unsurprisingly, the trend for no-code and low-code platforms is on the rise. The reasons are simple: everyone can develop apps they need, cost-saving is a big factor (cheaper than hiring devs), and it’s simply faster (self-explanatory). 

Here’s what sources more credible than just me say:

  • Gartner estimates over 95% of digital workload will be deployed on cloud platforms, from 30% in 2021. Personally, I’m not sure about 95%, but definitely more than 30%.
  • Development time is reduced by up 50 to 90 percent with the help of no-code and low-code platforms.
  • Up to 84% of businesses will use low-code or no-code platforms to make up for development needs, because…
  • Average US developer salary is at $110,000 per annum, which makes them pretty expensive.

And thus, it’s safe to conclude that no-code and low-code as a discipline will keep on giving. But! There’s more to that since no-code is on the verge of becoming the best tool for building blockchain platforms.

The future of no-code: web3

Just like no-code, blockchain is gaining widespread adoption despite crypto-winters, giga-heists, and other unpleasant things happening on the crypto market. The ability to perform secure community governance, transactions, and value production makes it a sure successor to a more traditional, centralized internet.

CryptoPunk #5822, sold for $23M. If that is not a spin for the future, I don’t know what is. This NFT is not even the most expensive NFT ever sold!

One thing about blockchain, though: it’s really complex. Just earlier in this article, you’ve seen statistics on how developers are both scarce and expensive. Now take a look at crypto developers: even more scarce and expensive! It’s a tall order trying to knock together a team of crypto devs that a startup can reasonably afford.

That is why no-code platforms are the answer for blockchain development: they are easier, cheaper, and faster. 

Citizen developers (and normal developers of course) can harness the amazing synergy between no-code/low-code platforms and blockchain to create truly awe-striking products. 

It’s certain that no-code will be one of the biggest factors in blockchain’s widespread adoption. The knowledge gap will gradually close. 

On one hand, it’s a tremendous boon: more crypto projects, more crypto adopters! On the other, again we stray further into the territory where one can create an amazing product without having any underlying knowledge of how it actually works. 

That is, however, a natural step forward. The ease of production, scalability, and development speed of no-code web3 platforms will allow for breakthroughs in what blockchain is meant to be for the world.

Before long, we will have NFT movie tickets, crypto bus fares, e-governments, and so many other boons of the decentralized future. It’s all in making.

Directual’s journey through 2022

Our platform, of course, has also been moving forward at a ludicrous pace. We’d love to pat ourselves on the back and outline some of the achievements made this year:

  • Directual launched for the second time on Product Hunt in July! We’ve got 3rd product of the month, and 3rd product of the week!
  • Released tons of new features and updates: Smart contracts and NFTs, Kanban board (yay CRMs!), Polygon integration, Swagger, and sooo much more. See our public roadmap for everything delivered so far.
  • Published a bunch of awesome case studies in our blog, all a fantastic read if I can say so myself.
  • We’ve launched a Discord server (or rather brought it back to life). Come on in for awesome communication with platform devs, contests, and more.

Since we’ve pivoted to web3, Directual continues to become a go-to platform for blockchain development. However, we are committed to our community: the most voted features come first, and 2023 will have even more functionality designed to make no-code app (and web3) development available to everyone.


Ah, a perfect spot for a small, personal message. If you’re reading this on the 31st of 2022, Happy New Year! Let your projects be lucrative, work enjoyable, and health steadfast! If it’s not the 31st, then imagine that it is! 

If you have any questions, be sure to send us a message at hello@directual.com or hop into our Discord (link above). We’ll be happy to help you kickstart your no-code journey.


What are the benefits of using no-code/low-code platforms for app development?
What are the benefits of using no-code/low-code platforms for app development?

Using no-code/low-code platforms for app development is cost-effective, faster, and anyone can develop the apps they need.

How does no-code/low-code help in blockchain development?
How does no-code/low-code help in blockchain development?

No-code/low-code platforms are the answer to blockchain development because they help use both centralized and decentralized development in a visual way.

What are some of Directual's achievements in 2022?
What are some of Directual's achievements in 2022?

Directual has launched for the second time on Product Hunt and received 3rd product of the month and week. Directual also released new features like Smart contracts and NFTs, Kanban board, Polygon integration, Swagger, and others. Directual is becoming a go-to platform for blockchain development and is committed to making no-code app (and web3) development available to everyone.

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