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Platform for makers

Developers use Directual

Alex Lebed
software engineer at TheBOLT.io
I didn't waste any time for setting up infrastructure for our web-app. Instead of this I paid attention to new features. That is fantastic!
  • No need for managing infrastructure
    Configure database, authentication and user management, event processing and reporting without worrying about setting up the infrastructure. So you can move swiftly and focus on features.
  • Flexible tools with minimum restrictions
    Directual platform differs from inflexible app-builders. There is a comprehensive set of modules for back-end configuring. One can not say: "Directual doesn't allow to do this or that". Because it allows.
  • SDK for non-standard cases
    In some cases coding might be needed. For instance in order to establish new integration, run data conversion or perform a complex calculation, it is possible to apply JavaScript SDK on the platform.

Product owners use Directual

Anastasia Sisakyan
product owner at Schlumberger
Our IT-department was overwhelmed, so the unique option was to build the product with minimum of coding.
  • Lack of developers breaks the process
    Product owners often struggle against the scarcity of professional software engineers in their companies. Directual is an affordable way to create a digital product by business people themselves.
  • Time-to-market is crucial for product
    The pace of business is continuously increasing. The time-to-market becomes the crucial competitive advantage. Directual reduces time for developing and allows to roll out the product several times faster.
  • Technology shall not restrict product design
    While designing the product, team should not think about technology restrictions, but about end customers and target processes. Directual provides powerful and flexible platform for implementing any idea.

Freelancers and agencies use Directual

George Pogosyan
owner of agency Velid-IT
We started building back-end for web-projects on Directual. Thanks to its flexibility, we can better serve our clients!
  • Developers become more productive
    It took years to learn coding properly. Thus the lack of experienced developers happened. Directual is a technology applying which even junior developer becomes even more efficient than senior one.
  • Directual partnership programme
    Directual affiliate programme is a simple way to earn money for referring people to Directual. Partners can have up to 35% of all payments. And there's no limit on amount or time.
  • Education, support and certification
    Directual is not a trivial technology—it requires some effort to learn all the details of developing on the platform. But Directual team is always ready to assist providing support and creating new learning materials for Directual Academy.

Startup founders use Directual

Anastasia Yukhtmakher
founder at Up&Out
Thanks to Directual we managed to launch MVP in a month having no backend-developers in our team.
  • Founder should do maximum with minimum resources
    Startup should be lean. Hiring a team of expensive software engineers is not the best choice if the founder has limited resources. Directual with its flexible pricing would be the best option for developing an MVP.
  • Running a startup is all about experiments
    Startup is a set of hypotheses about the startup’s business model. The entrepreneur’s goal is to prove or disprove these hypotheses running experiments. Directual is a technical base for building working prototypes and gathering experimental data.
  • Basic technology shall be scalable after MVP-stage
    After checking the hypotheses founder scales his MVP. Directual supports scaling to any size easily. Directual platform is an enterprise-ready technology with appropriate architecture.

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