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Blockchain and web3

Integrate your app with different networks

  • Connect your app with blockchain
    You can apply plugins for Ethereum L1/L2, Polygon, NEAR. More to come: Bitcoin, Binance smart chain, Aurora, etc.
  • Apply useful functions in scenarios
    Interconnect your data using links and arrays of links between different objects. For example, you can link orders to customers and set multiple links from managers to the orders to be processed. 

Get transactions and send crypto

  • Get transactions history
    Historic and real-time transaction monitoring in Directual  scenarios allows you to perform any event-based logic, as well as build sophisticated reports based on transactions history.
  • Perform transactions
    Send crypto directly from your scenarios — by schedule, based on events, or by user's actions from app's UI. You even may build a complex logic with 2-factor transaction confirmation.

Manage crypto wallets

  • Store wallets information
    Directual database allows you to save and store wallet credentials in order to receive crypto, get transactions data and send crypto from that wallet.
  • Create new wallets
    Create new wallets and assign them to certain users. That is a perfect way to organise crypto payments for your app users.

Free until you’re ready to skyrocket

No trial here. You are welcome to learn and experiment. Directual will be free as long as your app is small and isn’t in prod. Then just choose the proper paid plan–they are flexible and start from 30$ monthly.