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Directual lifetime deal upgrades are available!

September 24, 2023

Lifetime deal user? We’ve got a treat for you—upgrade your lifetime deal to suit your needs. Business plan-level features, 30x the resource limits, additional seats, and more.

Did you at some point snag a LTD with Directual? Perhaps during one of the AppSumo or SaaS Mantra campaigns we had? If so, brace yourself because we’ve got something exceptional coming your way. Also, SaaS Mantra campaign is still active. If you were on the fence about getting an awesome deal, the time is now.

Why are we doing this?

Even though Directual is reaching its maturity as a no-code platform, we still value our early adopters and the value they bring to the platform. As we do this, we also delve into the constant question of “what is best for our customers?”

It’s not an easy question to answer, given that we also need to ensure that Directual can continue to grow. 

On top of that, we are always listening to what you have to say. Directual is a community-driven company, and early adopters also get a say in how lifetime deals should be arranged for their needs. Otherwise, why did we do that in the first place?

It’s about you, and letting you create. 

Upgrading your Directual lifetime deal

We know you have been grabbing those LTD deals like there’s no tomorrow. Sometimes, however, without utilizing them to their full potential. We would like to fix that with our special offer.

Unlimited features with the Business plan

Oh yeah!

Now you can unlock all the features you've been eyeing—we’re talking JS SDK step, advanced processing settings, the gold level of affiliate commission at 50% (up from the standard 25% for LTD teams), and much more. 

Multiply your operational limits 

Throw those limitations out the window because, with this offer, you can multiply your limits by 2, 3, 10, and even 30 times, giving you millions of operations per month. What’s more, you can get more seats for your team and more sandboxes for your apps. It’s the real deal for real builders. 

Dynamic pricing

We’ve set up a dynamic pricing system, where the cost depends on your base package price plus the number of app spaces you are buying. The more you buy, the more you might end up paying, but hey—it means you are getting more, too!

Custom deals

Listed features are not enough? Let us know. We’ve built a flexible system, ready to add any upgrades you desire on an individual basis.

Ready for an upgrade?

To grab this deal, head to your team's page and customize the upgrade you want. It’s super simple, with no strings attached. 

Be sure to hurry: this upgrade deal for Directual LTD members will not last forever. Stay tuned to our socials to know when we’ll start wrapping it up. 


Got questions, or need more details? You know the drill—hit us up by sending a message at hello@directual.com or head into our communities—the links are in the footer below.


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