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Generate logos instantly with Directual—a short guide

No need to fuss over your logos anymore. Discover how Directual can help you generate logos right in the platform—and why it’s worth a shot.

Logo design is a big deal for business branding. Everyone knows that. But does an AI logo maker match up to a pro designer? After all, logos are so important for a brand's identity and success. Here's some logo stats to chew on:

  • 62% ditch a brand with ugly logos, good reviews or not.
  • 73% think logos are the top way to spot a brand.
  • 44% lean towards brands with familiar logos.

Bottom line: logos glue customers to brands and boost profits. Logo design, at the same time, can cost an arm and a leg, ranging from zero to a small fortune. 

Of course, that is a perfect thing to have in a no-code platform as well, is it not? Directual is now capable of generating logos as well. Let’s see what all the fuss is about.

Pros & cons of AI logo generators


Forget Googling "what is AI logo." Can AI whip up a quality logo? Sure. But the real deal is getting decent logos for almost nothing. Here's why AI logos rock:

Cheap as chips

Understanding logo design costs is tough. Some brands blew thousands on theirs, while giants like Coca-Cola and Google spent zip. How? Luck or a dash of design flair can do wonders. With dedicated AI logo generators, you're looking at $20 to $100, which is peanuts compared to the $300-$1,000 you'd cough up for a pro designer. With Directual, it’s part of a package—starting with the Pro plan.

Speedy Gonzalez

Waiting for a logo can be a drag. A pro designer might take ages, but AI spits out logos in minutes. While speed isn't always king in logo design, AI logos are in a league of their own here.

Variety is the spice of life

In a perfect world, every small business knows exactly what they want in a logo. In reality, not so much. That's where AI logos come in handy. Not sure what you want? AI logo makers throw a bunch of ideas at you. Usually, you get at least 3-5 options that might fit the bill. Great for brainstorming or nailing down a solid concept. AI logos are a solid starting point for the undecided.


Knowing the upsides of AI logo generators for small businesses is one thing, but are they always a win? Not exactly—that really depends on what you need to do. Here's why AI logos might not be your best bet:

Same old, same old

You feed your details into an AI, and guess what? Someone else might be doing the same. AI doesn't sweat over making your logo unique. So, don't be shocked if your logo looks like your competitor's.

Doesn't get your audience

Branding is all about knowing who you're selling to. You might throw in some basic audience info, but the AI won't catch the subtleties. People often pick designs that they like, not what their audience digs. End result—a logo that misses the mark for your business.

Misses the little things

Logos pack a punch in the details. Imagine Facebook's logo in pink or Coca-Cola in fancy letters. Weird, right? AI logos can be pretty close to what you need but miss the crucial bits. Spotting these tiny details isn't easy if you're not a designer. And realizing it too late means rebranding, which costs a lot more than getting it right the first time.

Hallucinates a little

Neural networks are truly fascinating, and they come with equally fascinating flaw: hallucinations. Sometimes an LLM makes the wrong call, or convinces itself that its right. That’s how you get bad results—non-sensical texts, hands with 8 fingers on each, and…yes, really weird-looking logos. Since most AI generators (like ChatGPT) come with almost no customization options, you truly are at its mercy sometimes.

Introducing Directual AI logo generator

AI is everywhere, but logo design is a unique challenge. Logos have to be clean and precise, free from any weird glitches. We searched high and low for an AI that could create logos from descriptions and found nothing worthwhile that would be a part of the proper platform package. 

So, we at Directual got to work and created our own logo creation tool.

Here's how it works:

  • Choose from over 2,500 icons.
  • Select from a vast range of 1,500+ fonts.
  • Adjust and align everything yourself.
  • Add colors and gradients from an extensive palette.
  • The result—professional logos, ready in no time.

Design options

Directual's AI Logo Generator is stacked with everything you need to nail your brand's look. Sleek, modern, playful – it's all in there, ready for your creative spin. Here's what you can do with it:

  • Logo options: pick a standard or small logo.
  • Title and subtitle customization: add your own title and optional subtitle. Your call on the slogan.
  • Color and text tweaks: match the title color to your brand. Enter a color code if you've got one. Play with text size, spacing, and placement.
  • Font choices: over 1,500 openly available Google fonts. Browse and find what fits your brand.
  • Icons: throw in an icon. Adjust its size and position to make it look spot-on. Tons of categories, from simple Arrows to Cats.
  • Icon customization: choose a fill—solid, linear gradient, or radial gradient. Two color options to mix it up.
  • Gradient library: use cool gradients like Moonlight Asteroid or Dark Ocean for some pre-made color options.

To try it out, simply head to your app in Directual > Web app category > Menu subsection and scroll down. It’s all in there.

Also, adding QR codes to logos is a smart move as well. It helps businesses connect with customers online and offline in a fun and interactive way.


What you’re seeing with our logo creator is, naturally, going to evolve over time. Expect more functionality and more ways to create awesome logos for all sorts of purposes—interfaces, company logos, buttons, and whatever else you fancy. 

Want to learn more about Directual’s AI logo creator or our plans with it? Head to our communities and ask us directly—the links are in the footer below.


How does AI logo design compare to professional design?
How does AI logo design compare to professional design?

AI logos are fast, affordable, and diverse. You get many designs fast and for less money. But, AI might not get your brand's unique vibe, leading to generic logos. Professional designers spend more time to make logos that really speak to your audience.

Why choose AI logo generators for your brand?
Why choose AI logo generators for your brand?

AI logo tools are quick and budget-friendly. They're great for coming up with lots of ideas fast. Plus, they're included in the Directual package, so they save you money. But, if you need a super unique logo that fits your brand just right, a professional designer might be the way to go.

What features does Directual AI logo generator offer?
What features does Directual AI logo generator offer?

Directual's AI logo maker lets you tweak a lot. Choose from over 2,500 icons and 1,500+ Google fonts. You can change colors, alignment, and add gradients. It offers standard or small size options, title and subtitle edits, text size, spacing, and where to put it, plus lots of icon types. This tool is easy to use and helps you make sleek logos fast.

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