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Introducing a new way to earn D-coins!

March 27, 2024

Earn D-coins by shouting about Directual everywhere! See the full list of rewards for your social network activities.

There are already so many ways you can capitalize on using Directual. You build an awesome app—someone buys it. You develop a plugin—someone starts to use it. You use our referral program, you get up to 50% off your client’s plan purchase.

But now! There’s more…introducing bonus rewards for sharing your thoughts about Directual on social platforms!

How does this program work?

It’s pretty simple. If you go to the Get Rewarded page, you can find the list of currently available rewards for certain actions. Fulfill the action, provide proof, and receive D-coins, which you can then spend on paying for your app plans or boosting your resource limits, 1 D-coin equals 1 US$. Pretty simple and straightforward.


We encourage our users to provide feedback about the platform. It’s time-consuming, not everyone believes they’re a good writer, and sometimes you need just a little bit of an incentive to share your thoughts. 

We’ll be completely honest here and say that we encourage honesty. Others may settle only for the top scores, or high praise—not us. When a potential user is choosing a no-code platform, it’s in everyone’s interest to have a good idea of what they’re going to be dealing with.

What are the available channels?

There are plenty, and the number will only keep on growing. Some rewards are unlike others, of course, partially due to our estimation of how complex that task is. Tweeting about Directual takes a few seconds, but a detailed article? A different story entirely.

So far, you can earn D-coins by

  • Leaving a review on G2, Capterra, and TrustPilot
  • Posting on X, Reddit, and Twitter
  • Creating a YouTube (in any language)
  • Writing an article on TechCrunch, Dev.to, HackerNoon, TecMundo, and Xataka
  • Getting a Directual logo tattoo for mad money!

Be sure to see the full list here, it’ll keep on changing!

If you have something else in mind that you think will promote Directual or share your use case better, please send us a message at hello@directual.com with your offer—we’ll make sure to compensate you well.


Directual is all about the community. Our platform’s development is led by our users, and we want to repay them for their words about us elsewhere too. If you’re still not a part of our no-code community, hop on in.


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