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New platform features. September 2020

September 18, 2020

This autumn turns out to be fruitful! Meet such new gorgeous features as Cards view component for Web-page builder, JSON-step for scenarios, Form component improvements and new integrations! These features allow you to create sophisticated apps even more easily.


JSON is the most widespread data interchange format. More than 99% of APIs on the Internet exchange data in JSON. Directual users have had to use built-in JavaScript SDK to handle data in JSON format. Now we are happy to introduce new scenario step, using which you can both parse and compose complex JSON data, without writing any code!

It looks like a simple fields mapping:

The magic is that if you parse arrays, the new array of objects appears automatically. And vice-versa—you can merge multiple objects to an array in a single JSON-object. check out all the features of JSON-step in the documentation.

Cards component

Cards view for Directual web-page builder is a simple but powerful component for displaying and editing your data. Since, you can access the data on Directual only through secure API-endpoint, the component supports user-based security, filtering, sorting and all the other features of Directual API-builder.

Hidden capturing of User’s ID

Form component for Directual web-page builder becomes even more powerful. You can setup personalisation in Form settings. That means that if the user is logged in (you also can make it obligatory), his or her ID will automatically save in the field that you indicated. Learn more in the documentation.

Integration with Coupler.io

Coupler.io is an add-on to Google Sheets that allows to pull data from various apps to Google Sheets on a set schedule with no coding required. You can setup Directual–Coupler integration in a couple of minutes—and your Directual data will be copied to Google Sheet.

Thanks for using Directual! New features are coming soon. As always, should any questions or suggestions appear, feel free to share them via email hello@directual.com.


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