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October 2021. New platform features

October 3, 2021

Fresh platform release contains such long-awaited features as file uploading from forms, white-label option for the portal. We’ve also implemented a plethora of UI-improvements for smoother user experience.

File uploading

There are new data subtypes of a type file: image, multiple images, and multiple files. If you turn on the option “files uploading”, the Form, Cards or Table will render file uploading control for the user.

Files are uploaded to Directual file storage, you can access all the uploaded files from the system data structure FileUpload. You may use Resize method for saving smaller version of your picture as a preview.

Updated database section

Database section in the platform was completely reworked. Now it has a smooth user experience, easy object access, and a lot of other small improvements. Give it a try!

White label portal

White label may be an important option if you are an agency or a freelancer, building an app for your client. Now it is available on all the paid plans!

Cart view for arrays

An object may contain an arrayLink field, which often plays the role of a cart, with links to the the objects that contain information about a good its quantity. Now there is an option to display arrayLink field on object’s card (in Cards and Table components) as a cart!

Cart view setting up

More options for arrayLink to come. Check them out on the Public Roadmap!


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