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Swagger, an API powerhouse, now available in Directual

September 29, 2022

Introducing support for Swagger, a fantastic OpenAPI tool you can use with Directual absolutely free of charge!

You asked for it to happen, and here it is! We’re happy to announce that you can now do all sorts of wonderful auto-generated things in Directual with Swagger.

Why? Because at the end of the day, all that truly matters is reducing the amount of pain it takes to achieve your goals, and Swagger will be instrumental in doing just that.

Swagger is an OpenAPI tool that helps to generate libraries in a variety of languages, create documentation, perform testing (all automatically), and structure API data. It’s done via a YAML or JSON requests to your API. It’s extremely versatile, and it has SWAG in its name. What’s not to like?

Let’s expand on what it does a little.

API creation

Code-first API development (and vice versa)! Generate APIs based on the code itself and automatically supplement descriptions straight into the source code. 

Interactive APIs

You can generate client libraries in more than 40 languages and formats, pretty much no-coding the API side of your project, and with API calls you can make directly in your browser. And of course, you can connect it with a variety of other tools to make it even more useful—like for automated testing, for instance.


Swagger has its own HTML-based UI that connects directly to live APIs to make requests and submit data. What’s more, Swagger can read the API structure and annotations to automatically generate documentation. 

How to use Swagger with Directual

No need to enable or connect anything, everything is already integrated. It’s all pretty simple. Swagger specification can be composed for any and all API endpoints you wish to use.

Try it out by enabling Swagger documentation in the API endpoint configuration of your particular project:

Below the setting, you can find a link to the endpoint itself. Copy and paste it to your browser to test it out. 


Swagger, like Directual, aims to reduce the time spent writing code stuff manually, or better yet, get rid of it altogether. Use both to get the most of a strong back-end, front-end, and proper API to hook it all up together.

In case of questions, do let us know by sending a message to hello@directual.com. Always happy to hear from you! 


What is Swagger and how does it relate to APIs?
What is Swagger and how does it relate to APIs?

Swagger is a great tool for creating and documenting APIs. With its help, developers can describe the structure of their APIs and generate code faster, as well as test it thoroughly.

What are the benefits of using Swagger with Directual?
What are the benefits of using Swagger with Directual?

Integration with Swagger can help no-coders using Directual create document APIs, generate code, and use API libraries. Additionally, Swagger can help with testing and debugging.

How easy is it to integrate Swagger with Directual?
How easy is it to integrate Swagger with Directual?

The pre-made plugin is super easy to integrate — just head over to the plugins section and follow the instructions.

Are there any limitations to using Swagger with Directual?
Are there any limitations to using Swagger with Directual?

No. Simply integrate the plugin and configure it for the API endpoint in question. Everything else will run smoothly and every feature Swagger has to offer will be available.

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