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The perfect match for agencies and freelancers: Teams!

Our platform is more than just means to an end when it comes to building an MVP, scaling it to a full product, launching a crypto service, or building a spaceship. It can also be a fantastic choice for software development agencies and freelancers seeking to help other businesses tackle their development needs.

Team plans

As you might have noticed from our Pricing page, there are App plans and the Team plan. App plans are self-explanatory. Team plan? That’s a bit of a head-scratcher right there and kinda seems too good to be true. It is pretty good, but of course, for a particular goal.

Here’s the breakdown:

On the app plans, there are no seats, just the operational limits for your app, from something you might need to create an MVP and up to…infinity! However, plans add per app. The Pro plan, for instance, applies to a single app you make. If you want two apps, you would have to get an extra subscription. 

In short, you get one app and one seat with app tariff limits and functionality. Should you desire to expand your team for more people to work for it, the Teams plan will be needed separately.

On the Team plan, there are seats, but they are much cheaper than app plans and include the Pro plan features (although with lower load limits) for every single seat. Every seat has a single sandbox space to its name, which is a fantastic environment to build an app that is then provided to the client. That provides you with a different workflow, where you allocate seats for your developers working on different projects, and it’s much more affordable. 

What’s more, the Team plan has a partner program active that splits our profit with you. You make an app for your client on Directual and transfer ownership. They pay for their plan, you get up to half of their payment. Nifty, isn’t it?

Just to recap, buy seats for your devs who will work on various projects. Upon project completion, your client will get the app and pay for it yourself using App plans. You get up to 50% of what they pay for their plan.

Here is how it works:

We’ve got quite a number of clients on the Teams plan, and here’s one example we’ve covered in our case study.

Case study: App agency on Directual

Code Word is a product marketing agency that turned into an app development bureau. All with the help of Directual! At first, Dmitry Novozhilov, the agency’s CEO, decided to try Directual to simply cut down time spent on routine accounting tasks.

Quite soon after trying Directual and witnessing what it’s capable of, Dmitry and his team decided to step up their game and offered their clients development services.

Now, it’s the name of the game for Code Word. The same benefits that attracted Dmitry to try Directual he now offers to his clients: fast project development, tremendous cut down in development costs, and linear scalability even up to enterprise levels. Oh, and we nearly forgot to mention: much better profits

Needless to say, Code Word is using the Team plan and is happy to continue to do so for years to come. 

Ready to try Directual yourself?

Follow the footsteps of other businesses that now rely on Directual to deliver new apps to their clients by starting absolutely free of charge. Have a look around, get a feel if that’s your thing or not, we don’t judge. In case you need to take a look at our documentation, I gotchu fam: clonk.

If you’ve got questions or would like to talk about our options, don’t hesitate to shoot an email our way, we’ll do our best to get back to you ASAP!


Is the Teams Plan a good match for agencies and freelancers?
Is the Teams Plan a good match for agencies and freelancers?

Yes, because on top of offering everything available on the Pro plan, you get seats instead of apps, and can have a whole team work on a single app. You also get an affiliate reward for every purchase your client makes for their app.

How does Directual Teams Plan work?
How does Directual Teams Plan work?

With Directual Teams Plan, you get a powerful no-code platform that you can use to build custom software apps for your clients. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can quickly build custom workflows, data models, and APIs that meet the unique needs of your clients. In app plans, you pay per app (with all the app limits included), whereas in the Teams plan, you pay just for the seat.

Can I build complex apps with Directual Teams Plan?
Can I build complex apps with Directual Teams Plan?

Absolutely! Directual Teams Plan is tailored for high-load apps, so everything from an MVP and short of a tremendous enterprise is a good fit to develop on the Teams plan.

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