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Top 5 Innovative Telegram Mini Apps

July 9, 2024

Telegram Mini Apps—more than just fun & games! See the top innovators of Q2 2024.

Telegram Mini Apps are booming—previously, some people thought they’re only good for Telegram games or something like that—nope! You can build marvellous projects with this framework, and dare we add, it’s even easier to do with Directual.

The Ton Open League regularly holds contests and ranks new TMAs based on certain criteria: culture, innovation, you name it. In this article, you’ll find the top 5 latest innovators on the market! 


Yoinked from Yescoin’s X (ah sod that, it’s Twitter!) account—very artful!

Yescoin, got the second place in The Open League Season 3 and it’s blowing up big time on Telegram. It's basically a fun way to mess around with blockchain and grab some perks.

Yescoin’s a laid-back Web3 game on Telegram where you just swipe to rack up gold coins. It's pretty straightforward—think Fruit Ninja but with crypto. Barely a month in, and boom, 18 million players and 6 million wallets hooked up. Swiping’s the game—earn coins, hit up tasks, and crack open treasure chests for more loot. If you’re new, stick to the daily grind and jump into community stuff to stack up more.

Players are all over Yescoin. Sure, it’s growing fast, but they’ve got copycats, server crashes, and scammers on their tail. Still, they’re all in on keeping things tight and the community pumped.

Looking forward, Yescoin’s rolling out a Global Ambassador Program and they’re pumped about boosting the TON Ecosystem.

Storm Trade

Yoinked shamelessly from https://storm.tg/

Storm Trade is this platform that mixes trading with social features using Telegram, all based on this thing called the TON Blockchain. It’s basically setting the pace for DeFi—that's decentralized finance—by making it more mainstream. They’re weaving in complex blockchain tech with platforms people actually use.

Over 900,000 wallets connected, driven by features that make trading fun.

The entire project kicked off to make DeFi easy to get for everyone. Back in winter 2023, they got second place at a hackathon, then got some cash, and used that to push the project forward. Integrating with Telegram made the platform a breeze to use—massive user base, no complicated sign-up either. 

They’ve had their share of weird stuff happen, like a promo that crashed their system because it drew in too many people at once.

Security-wise Yescoin is making sure things are tight with rigorous checks on their contracts. They ditch traditional KYC, which means more privacy, and their trading system is built to handle surprises without freaking out.

Yescoin also says you can trade ‘everything’. Beyond crypto, they’re bringing in real-world assets, new tokens, and even planning on stuff like Forex and commodities.

Looking ahead, they’re eyeing SocialFi, which means integrating social features into finance, making trading even easier, and broadening what you can trade.

Connecton VPN

Yoinked from Connecton Telegram Page

Connecton VPN—a top pick for staying anonymous online, and yep, it runs on the TON Blockchain. This thing really shows how blockchain can be a part of everyday internet stuff, ticking all the boxes for privacy, security, and being easy to use, just like TON and Telegram love to preach.

The team behind Connecton VPN has been through a lot—big milestones, as well as running into their fair share of troubles too. 

Connecton started when the internet got censored in Cuba back in July 2021. The guy who started it was all about Telegram's vibe for freedom, so he made this VPN to dodge those government blocks. It started free, backed by the community, but then they had to start charging to keep it going and make it bigger.

They first tried regular money, but switched to crypto because it's better for staying under the radar. They picked TON Blockchain because it's getting big and has the tech chops they need. Sure, it was problematic when TelePay shut down—it was their own payment thing, and then some big TON investors took over. But now, under new bosses, Connecton's really taken off and has more than 80,000 users.

With TON Blockchain, Connecton doesn't ask for much personal info—just your basic Telegram data. The whole setup with a Telegram bot and a Mini App, and paying with Toncoin, really sets them apart by keeping users anonymous.

Still, lots of folks don't get VPNs or blockchain. Connecton's trying to fix that by teaching people what VPNs actually do and why they're good. They're all about collecting as little data as possible, using the latest tech to keep your info safe and sound.

Looking forward, Connecton's aiming to go fully decentralized, using TON Blockchain for pretty much everything, adding new VPN styles, and rolling out apps for phones and computers, plus some interactive stuff for the ecosystem.


Catizen, a GameFi thing that mixes virtual pets with blockchain, AI, and the Metaverse for a new kind of gaming.

Catizen’s using the TON blockchain to change how people use Telegram, making these AI cats that act different based on how you treat them and where they're at. It's not officially backed, but people notice it for shaking things up in blockchain gaming.

Catizen's set up so you can pay through your phone on Telegram, thanks to the TON Blockchain. They’re throwing in a bunch of stuff like PocketFi, gaming bots, video bits, and even e-commerce, kinda like what Pinduoduo does on WeChat. The goal is to get people to learn and use all this new tech.

They're also rolling out Catizen in stages:

  • First, they're getting more people on board with airdrops to turn Telegram users into TON users.
  • Next, they've got this Catizen Launchpool where you can stake stuff, earn points, and get $CATI tokens, helping you get the hang of DeFi.

Catizen's got nearly a million fans on Telegram steering where it goes next. They're planning to add more game stuff and e-commerce options, letting everyone share in the profits through $CATI tokens.

Catizen’s looking to shake up blockchain and GameFi by connecting TON to other places like Ethereum. They’re planning to expand and draw in more users with smart partnerships and marketing. 


Yoinked from https://gmt.io/about/ 

GoMining—-these guys are shaking up Bitcoin mining by mixing it up with NFTs and something called Liquid Bitcoin Hashrate. They say it's all about making mining easy, more efficient, and better for the planet. 

GoMining is trying to dumb down Bitcoin mining so anyone can get into it. They're turning mining power into NFTs, so you don't need to blow a ton of cash on fancy equipment or geek out on the details. Nine places around the globe cranking out over 3,000,000 TH/s of mining power that you can buy as an NFT—awesome!

They chose TON for their GoMining Whales NFT collection because TON's on the up and up, and they think they can work well together. Their cool NFT setup means you actually own a slice of the mining action and get Bitcoin as a pat on the back every day.

GoMining kicked off in 2017 and went big in 2021. The team knows their stuff about blockchain and crypto and focuses on keeping things safe, clean, and cutting down on the bad environmental stuff mining usually brings.

They say GoMining is a cheaper way to get into Bitcoin than the usual routes and it throws open the doors to the money-making side of mining. They're planning to beef up their products and pull in more users. Check out their site or their app for the nitty-gritty.

Long story short, GoMining is trying to change the game in Bitcoin mining with new tech, making it simpler and greener for everyone.


And there you have it! We’ll be sure to post more of awesome Telegram Mini Apps, alongside, perhaps, some tutorials on how to build your own. If you want to learn the good stuff faster, head over to our communities—the links are in the footer below.


What are Telegram Mini Apps?
What are Telegram Mini Apps?

TMAs are not just for games! They're a framework on Telegram allowing developers to create diverse projects, from games to blockchain-based apps. Basically, it’s a web app that is made to embed perfectly into the Telegram client.

Can you really build complex projects on Telegram?
Can you really build complex projects on Telegram?

Yes, you can build TMAs with the help of no-code platforms like Directual—developing complex applications on Telegram is simpler than you might think.

What’s trending in the TMA scene right now?
What’s trending in the TMA scene right now?

Innovations like Yescoin and Storm Trade are booming, using TMA technology for blockchain games and decentralized finance applications.

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