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Update December 2022: Smarter filters, templating, and web page builder

December 27, 2022

New update! Filtering is now even more awesome, smart inputs are more efficient and predictive, hotkeys, kanban updates & more! The whole bag of Christmas gifts!

The year 2022 is coming to a close, and we’re bringing something extraordinary your way to help you no-code your project even faster. Meet our latest additions to Directual’s arsenal of functionality. Better filtering, updates to smart inputs, and an even more powerful web builder.

Santa has a whole bag of freshly baked Directual features

Filters update

Many of you fellow Directualites have asked for this feature to become a part of our platform. It is the most-voted feature in our public roadmap, in fact!

Now, you can introduce a filter and sort for every type of data in your app. For instance: 

  • Date and numerical fields: from and to filtering
  • Text fields: full-text filtering
  • Links or arrayLink: multiple choice filtering
  • …and more!
Filtering and Sorting configuration for Cards component

We’ve made sure filtering is pretty to the eye and works well on mobile.

Templating updates

For templating, we’re bringing a whole host of nice additions, namely:

Full support for keyboard-only expressions

Now, you can get a dropdown of available arrays by clicking “{“ twice. Select the expression and press “Enter”. Voila! It’s a simple yet efficient way to speed up your development process.

You can also input “#” in the expression dropdown to get special templating options, such as {{#escape}} and array functions

The templating system is adaptive: for instance, if you use a template for arrayLink, the dropdown will offer the correct structures to input. It’s quite a boon to seasoned Directual users!

Handling arrayLinks

Oh, we’ve got hotkeys available now as well! Here they are, and more to come:

  • Ctrl (⌘) + J — turn ON/OFF coding mode
  • Ctrl (⌘) + K — turn ON/OFF smart inputs
  • Ctrl (⌘) + B — Add another field in Edit/Condition step
  • Ctrl (⌘) + S — Save the step and close it

Smart inputs for web-page builder components

Previously, you would need to copy-paste field names when using new components. Not anymore! Smart inputs can now see what you’re doing based on endpoint data and help arrange the fields quickly. The same functionality extends to adding arrays, of course.

Dropdown hints for internal $D and lodash functions

As it turns out, many of our users had no idea that lodash is available in Directual with a whole bunch of extremely useful functions. For instance, you can use it to intersect two arrays, remove extra spaces in a line, and so much more.

Using hints for composing $D-functions and lodash

Web page builder updates


Our beloved Kanban feature continues to become even more powerful and versatile. Now, every action in the Kanban board can be supplemented with automatically parsed information on who performed the action via a separate field. No more sneaky edits!

Hint and Video components

Polished and now fully API-capable. Check them out if you use them right now!

Hide components feature

Now you can easily hide components from your users based on certain criteria, including field data received via API. Just to mention, role-based access has been there since the Great Flood, so this update is aimed toward more specialized use cases.


Be sure to check out our public roadmap to see what is being worked on and what you can expect soon, and VOTE! Our community is the main driver behind our no-code platform’s growth, and you can make your input as well.

In case of questions, as always, let us know by shooting a message this way: hello@directual.com.


What are the new updates for Directual's functionality?
What are the new updates for Directual's functionality?

There are a lot of great improvements in this update, but the most requested and most voted for feature is definitely the new filtering and sorting options. You can now easily introduce a filter and sort for every type of data in your app, including date and numerical fields, text fields, links or arrayLink, and more! We've made sure that the filtering is visually appealing and works great on mobile too.

What new features have been added to Directual's filtering system?
What new features have been added to Directual's filtering system?

Full support for keyboard-only expressions is now available, allowing you to speed up your development process with ease. Additionally, smart inputs are now more efficient and predictive, which means you'll be able to arrange fields quickly and easily. Plus, we've added dropdown hints for internal $D and lodash functions, which should make composing functions much easier.

What updates have been made to Directual's web page builder?
What updates have been made to Directual's web page builder?

Our Kanban feature has become even more powerful and versatile, with automatically parsed information available for every action on the board. We've also polished and made fully API-capable the Hint and Video components. And, we've added a new Hide components feature, which allows you to hide components from your users based on certain criteria, including field data received via API.

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