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Web-pages builder update

April 12, 2021

Directual has always been an extremely powerful platform for back-end development. In 2021 our engineering team has been focused on turning the platform to full-stack no-code development platform. In the recent update we introduced new web-page builder layout—flexible, responsive and intuitive.

Basic idea of Directual web-page builder

A lot of no-code development platforms focused on UI development offer such primitive building blocks as div, button, text block, etc. That is a way how you can create apps on Bubble, Webflow, Appgyver, etc. Directual has chosen the different way for its UI-builder. You are manipulating high-level building blocks like a table, cards or a form. That is a way to craft an internal app almost in no time! When the visual side of an app is not your competitive advantage (though an app based on Directual web-page builder look great), it seems very reasonable. Those components are wrapped with web-portal framework with signing in, signing up and role-based access features.

Have a look at that example of an app based on Directual web-page builder. Similar web-catalogue with rating features could be developed in 20 minutes from scratch. Typical internal apps are: HR-system, task management, two-sided marketplace, help-desk, and many others. Directual team will publish new templates as soon as new UI-components are introduced.

Drag-and-drop everything

If you go to web-pages section in the platform you’ll notice that everything is draggable. You can add and move tabs, drag the sections within a page or drop them on the other tab, scale and move the columns in the section and pull them out of the current section to another one.

Features under development

We’ve already developed most of the essential components needed for an internal app: an interactive form and a cards view. A few are coming in the nearest weeks: a table view and a cart. You can find the source code of those components in Directual Design library—it’s open source. You can contribute in that library and develop new components, but that process seems too complicated. Thus, our nearest goal is to add a mechanism of uploading new UI-components as plug-ins to the platform.

Release notes

Directual team is used to releasing updates each week. The major releases (such as the current web-page builder update) are highlighted in the Directual blog. But there id no need to describe all the small features and bug-fixes. So we decided to add release-notes widget directly into the platform UI. Moreover, we’ve built that widget on Directual web-page builder—have a look yourself!


What kind of apps can I create with Directual?
What kind of apps can I create with Directual?

With Directual, you can create a whole variety of internal apps, from HR systems and task management tools to help desks and two-sided marketplaces. Directual has got an incredible web-page builder that's super flexible, responsive, and intuitive, so you can easily build your own custom apps.

What is Directual and what does it do?
What is Directual and what does it do?

Directual is a powerful platform for back-end development that has evolved to become a full-stack no-code development platform. It offers a flexible, responsive, and intuitive web-page builder that allows you to easily build anything you need.

What is the basic idea behind Directual's web-page builder?
What is the basic idea behind Directual's web-page builder?

Directual's web-page builder allows you to manipulate high-level building blocks such as tables, cards, and forms to create your projects fast. By focusing on these high-level components, you can create apps in no time and take advantage of web-portal framework features such as signing in, signing up, and role-based access.

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