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No-code Bootcamp

Directual is a Pro-level platform. Bootcamp is the best way to become a Directual expert and to bring your ideas to life quickly!

Basic Features

We'll cover all the essential
features and platform sections

Build a real app

We'll build a real
marketplace-like app

Pro tips and Hacks

Instructor will reveal best
practices, pro tips and dev hacks

What you get in no-code bootcamp

  • Get up and running quickly
    Learning Directual for the first time can be daunting, but a bootcamp will help you to get through everything you need to acquire fundamental Directual skills, enough to start building your app.
  • Pro-sandbox plan for 2 apps for 3 months
    Each student gets a team plan with 2 sandbox-slots for 3 months, which is an equivalent of $324. That is absolutely enough for two middle-loaded production-ready apps.
  • Personalised attention in small classes
    During the course and afterwards it you will have an access to a private Slack channel, where the instructor and other students are ready to help you. That is a perfect way to learn without frustration.
  • Lifetime access to course materials
    All the tutorials, home tasks comments, and session recordings will be available after the bootcamp. You will be able to refresh your skills whenever you want!
  • Meet your instructor
    Pavel Ershov
    One of the Directual founders. Serial entrepreneur, professional product designer and front-end developer. Pavel does know the platform inside and out
  • Curriculum
    Week 1. Understanding  conceptual structures of an app. Database and API sections
    Video tutorial + Home task (reviewed) + Live QnA session
    Week 2. Web-pages builder part 1. Processing data in Scenarios. 
    Video tutorial + Home task (reviewed) + Live QnA session
    Week 3. Integrations with third-party systems. Http-requests, webhooks, plugins.
    Video tutorial + Home task (reviewed) + Live QnA session
    Week 4. Web-pages part 2.  Launching a marketplace app.  
    Video tutorial + Home task (reviewed) + Live QnA session

Why learn Directual

  • Pro-level full-stack no-code platform
    Directual is the only full-stack no-code platform that combines the flexibility and scalability of traditional coding with modern visual development approach.
  • Complimentary with other technologies
    Directual can work as an absolutely fantastic technology in a combination with traditional development (e.g. ReactJS or Vue), so does with other no-code tools like Bubble, Draftbit or Integromat.
  • Scalabilyty for going beyond MVP
    Most of the popular no-code platforms are hardly scalable. Directual database can store millions of objects, and the event-processing core  is able to deal with calculations in milliseconds.
  • Enterprise-level security
    Data privacy and security are the must in modern app development. Directual supports top-level security standards. Your data is safe thanks to the Security Layer technology, and encrypted if needed.

Join no-code bootcamp

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Pavel Ershov
November, 1st
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Pavel Ershov
November, 15th
4 weeks
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November, 29th
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