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Building a headhunter app: Peers case

November 27, 2022

Discover the story of Peers — a recruitment agency with a brand new chatbot built to empower both highly experienced job seekers and employers

Building a headhunter app: Peers case

Sometimes, you have to take a new and hard look at what it means to be a successful service. Peers — a headhunting and consulting service built an advanced headhunting bot to become even more successful.

Anastasia Yukhtmacher, the founder of Up&Out recruitment agency (now Peers), shares her journey to success — built on Directual.


Peers is a company specializing in the recruitment of high-profile experts in a variety of fields, chiefly consulting, IT, and heavy industry.

We've started small (naturally) as a recruitment agency in the consulting vertical. Basically, we've always wanted to help professionals of a very high level to find the right company. It's our specialty that we're renowned for: Peers is a place where you find CTOs, founders, tech leaders, and many other experts.

Personally, I've been in the recruitment business for the last 15 years, starting with PwC and Boston Consulting Group. About a year and a half ago, we started developing an international service for both companies and employees, and then - a bot that makes it all even better.

Product based on Directual

Last six months, we worked hard on building a Telegram chatbot that can help people find the best professionals on the market. It's based on matching algorithms, so you find the right person for the right job.

Our target audience is constantly expanding, but at the moment it consists of graduates of top universities and professionals with industrial or consulting backgrounds. Naturally, we are very interested in IT professionals as well.

It's been just a few days since we released our new product, and even prior to that, a great number of people pre-registered to try it.

Apart from the chatbot, we also needed a landing page that would lead our customers to the bot link. If you’d like to see our page and bot in action, do try it out!


The web page and chatbot itself are built with Directual as a full-stack platform.

Local ecosystem partner

We’ve asked a software agency that also started with Directual — Code Word — to help us out with more difficult tasks (we have a case study on them too, check it out!). 

We communicated our road map and feature requests in a Miro board, and then Code Word took over the difficult bits, while we ourselves built everything else.

A Telegram bot built on a no-code platform seemed a perfect choice for our plans — build a bot fast, see if it works, and drive it to completion even faster. We also have a referral system in place - one team lead seeking a job might soon start recruiting for it too! 

The most complex feature we wanted was user matching. It should be fully scalable, and we wanted to have an opportunity to expand search and matching parameters whenever we needed to.

How did it go?

There were no problems with Directual itself - the platform works really well. The entire cycle - from concept to a full-fledged product - took approximately 6 months.

The result was a complex chatbot, capable of providing job seekers with a list of companies fitting their profile and vice versa. The bot doesn't even need to send new messages when a new action is taken - the last one is edited instead.

A chatbot of this complexity required proper planning - to avoid conflicts, overlaps, and other casual blunders. There are three roles in the system - administrator, job seeker, and employer.

The users are empowered to be both job seekers and employers. Because of that, we had to prepare bot responses for 4 different types of users.

What could be improved?

We've found ourselves wanting a little bit more eye candy. The admin panel isn't all that customizable at the moment, and it would be nice to have more design options. Other than that, it's hard to pick on anything else.

Another thing we'd love to have is not related to Directual - we want our bot to be present on WhatsApp as well, but it's very hard to do. Facebook never makes things easy for new businesses, and we knew that from the start.

Plans ahead

At the moment, all the challenges we've got are not related to technology in the slightest. We need to move our tremendous audience over the bot and keep growing it. We want it to be a simple and efficient tool anyone can use to find a job or employer - precisely up to their requirements.

We also consider a built-in affiliate program and transform our recruitment service into an international community. We've started with a community and it got us so far - we want to do it again.

Final thoughts

We've been in active contact with Directual for a really long time. If you're looking to build an MVP or test your idea, however small - it's a perfect platform to start.

If you want to keep going forward with your idea, you are in luck again, just as we are. We didn't need an IT team to do that, and despite this, we already know how to use the platform on our own.

Want to learn more about Directual and what it can do for your business? Shoot us a message at hello@directual.com and let's chat!


What makes Peers' headhunting bot unique?
What makes Peers' headhunting bot unique?

Peers' headhunting bot is unique because it's based on matching algorithms that find the right person for the right job. It's like Tinder, but for jobs!

What platform was used to build Peers' web app and chatbot?
What platform was used to build Peers' web app and chatbot?

Peers' web app and chatbot were built on Directual, a full-stack platform that allowed them to build a complex chatbot capable of providing job seekers with a list of companies fitting their profile and vice versa.

What improvements does Peers hope to make in the future?
What improvements does Peers hope to make in the future?

Peers hopes to make their bot available on WhatsApp and add more design options to their admin panel. However, their main focus is on moving their tremendous audience over to the bot and growing it to become a simple and efficient tool for anyone looking to find a job or employer. They also plan to add a built-in affiliate program and transform their recruitment service into an international community. In short, they have big plans!

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