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Case study. Employee portal for UFG Wealth Management

May 28, 2020

UFG Wealth Management meticulously fosters a strong, cohesive company culture. Personal development of each and every employee is an essential issue for improving that culture. Directual helped UFG Wealth Management to build digital solution which implemented the modern and efficient approach to improving employee personal development process.

Case study. Employee portal for UFG Wealth Management


UFG Wealth Management is the oldest Family Office in Eastern Europe, founded in 2005. UFG Wealth Management has an outstanding reputation for providing tailored investment, legal, and financial solutions for HNWI.

Product based on Directual

Web-app which includes the following sections:

  • Employee directory;
  • Personal development plan (PDP);
  • Regular feedback and 360-assessment.


The product description

Improving transparency and engagement

UFG Wealth Management has several offices across the globe. There was a need for organising a single directory where each employee would have a public profile. The project team designed a section in Employee portal which included:

  • A list of employees with brief information and features for filtering;
  • Links to a ‘Buddy’ and ‘Hiring board’ members for better engagement;
  • Detailed profiles with role-based access model. The employee can configure wether he or she wants profile information to be visible for all the people in the company or only for direct subordinates (some top-managers shouldn’t be annoyed by sudden calls).
Employee directory

Igniting personal development

The Company performance is a sum of individual employees performances. The main goal of the portal was to help employees to create and follow an individual development plan. The section for that included features for the following processes:

  • Running automatic regular review procedures (so called Mid-year and End-year reviews);
  • Setting personal ‘Business objectives’ with a clear status model (to do, in progress, done);
  • Setting ‘Development areas’ with detailed description and regular feedback given by the boss.

Both ‘Business objectives’ and ‘Development areas’ are go through approval process. Employee’s boss and an HR-spec help to focus on right goals, and to stay focused.

PDP features

Introducing feedback and 360-assessment

Teamwork is believed to play the crucial role in UFG Wealth Management business. Thus the indicators of such a work have to be taken into account in the process of personal development. To achieve the objective assessment the project team has delivered these features:

  • Giving and requesting feedback from multiple people;
  • Running regular competency assessment with multiple parameters (0–7 each);
  • Calculating average scores for departments and for the company;
  • Providing personal recommendations based on 360-assessment.  
Directual turned out to be the right choice. We haven’t faced the situation when something couldn’t be built due to platform restrictions. Directual seems to have no such restrictions. As a result we have created a product which fully matches our business requirements. I suppose we couldn’t have achieve that if we had chosen a ‘ready-to-use’ solution or any other platform.

Andrey Mamon, IT director at UFG Wealth Management

Why Directual was chosen as a basic technology?

The project scope was not fixed. UFG Wealth Management leaders needed to launch the product and then run some experiments. Directual platform allowed the project team to quickly adapt the product to new requirements. Moreover, the platform helped to build the strong fundament for further product development and company digitalisation.

Local partner

Velid is a Moscow-based integrator. Velid has a professional team with a strong experience in product management and front-end development.

In case of an interest

Should a reference or any additional case details are needed, please, contact us: hello@directual.com.


Why does UFG Wealth Management care about personal development?
Why does UFG Wealth Management care about personal development?

UFG Wealth Management knows that the company's performance is only as good as its employees' performance. That's why they foster personal development to improve their culture and overall success. It's like a rising tide that lifts all boats, except the boats are employees and the tide is personal development.

What kind of personal development features does the Employee portal offer?
What kind of personal development features does the Employee portal offer?

The Employee portal has a Personal Development Plan (PDP) section that allows employees to set business objectives with clear status models, track progress, and receive regular feedback from their boss. It's like having a personal coach, but instead of yelling "one more rep!" they're yelling "one more task!"

Why did UFG Wealth Management choose Directual?
Why did UFG Wealth Management choose Directual?

UFG Wealth Management chose Directual because it gave them the flexibility to adapt to new requirements and build a solid foundation for further digitalization. With Directual, there were no restrictions, so they could create a product that fully matched their business needs. It's like choosing a partner that supports your growth and never holds you back.

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