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Rockstar dev agency on Directual: No-code Masters

February 27, 2023

Check out the success case that produces even more success cases: No-code Masters software development agency! A tough journey into the world of no-code, and settling down with Directual as the backbone of any heavy-duty project. More inside!

Rockstar dev agency on Directual: No-code Masters

Behind every successful software development agency there is a simple formula: the right team and the right tech stack. No-code Masters is a company that managed to find just the right fit—with the help of Directual. In this case, we’ll go over what No-code Masters managed to achieve with the help of our no-code platform and more.


No-code Masters is a growing project behind a talented no-code dev and project manager Vladislav Kovalski.  

Vlad started his journey into the world of no-code just as it was becoming popular. That was the moment when Vlad learned about Directual, and decided he wasn’t ready for it just yet. As soon as the market signaled a need for quickly made quality software (and after trying doing that with other tech stacks), he and the Directual team had a formal introduction—and formed a partnership.

How did you discover Directual?

Our first tech stack was not enough. We’ve tried Adalo, Glide, Appgyver, and Bubble (it became worse instead of better after certain updates). We needed a more reliable tech stack capable of supporting apps through the entire lifecycle. Our clients are very educated and inquire about our tech stack, the entire process, and all the details behind the development process. 

We’ve started looking around for a stronger no-code platform, and both knew about Directual already. We’ve given it a go, and voila: the platform has met all of our requirements. The platform sported new features as opposed to the time when we discovered it first, and we’ve quickly realized that it has it all: backend, the admin panel, and a reliable (although not super-fancy) frontend our clients can use.  


Other no-code platforms often can’t meet the backend and scalability requirements we need for complex projects. Naturally, for something simple we may sometimes opt for a different stack, but only if that makes the most sense. 

Needless to say, our tech stack includes more than Directual alone. For projects where strong backend and scalability are required, Directual is chosen in the vast majority of cases. 


A lot of different tools were researched before settling on a tech stack of choice, and even now it is alternating based on project requirements. Our choice of tools was battle-tested: we would get a project and try new tools in parallel, just to see if we can achieve the same success or do things easier and better.

  • Directual, Xano, or Appgyver depending on architecture requirements, ith Directual chosen for heavy-duty apps and scalable solutions
  • Creatium and all sorts of other frontend solutions to fit the required tech stack

Why was Directual chosen as a basic technology?

It just works for our heavy-duty software development needs. Our devs have no problem learning how it works, and sort of follow the opposite direction: C# developers switching from traditional programming to no-coding instead, with around 2 weeks to get fully versed with the platform.

The best case of our work with the platform is an investment platform we’re developing. We’ve needed certain functionality for transaction processing via bank API, industry-grade encryption methods, and document signatures. Directual didn’t have it at the time, and we inquired about it. Fast forward, both our requirements are now a part of the platform, which goes to show just how committed Directual is to meeting its clients halfway through.

On top of that, Directual is fantastic when it comes to database management. It’s simply huge and capable of storing tons of data. 

We’ve already built a whole number of projects with Directual. Bank apps, automation of flower retail (Kanban functionality arrived just in time!), CRMs, retail payment processors, and much more. We’ll cover these cases separately in more detail later, so stay tuned. 
“I’ve told Pavel this before, but my impression of Directual is this: the platform is like an Endurance race car: it’s extremely fast, durable, and gets the job done. The interior sure isn’t all that cushy, but if your job is to get to the finish line a thousand miles away—that’s just it.” - Vladislav Kovalski

In a rare case when even more complex programming is required, we create ourselves with JS. It really helps to have knowledge of this programming language.

We’re even creating a study course, explaining how to build apps on Directual, as a part of a low-code & no-code study program. 

What could be improved?

Little things, really. Working with large databases has its challenges, and UI-wise it would be nice to have more clarity. It would be simply amazing to have a database table, so that elements can be added in bulk, and not one by one. 

Another little thing we could use in our experience, is a random data entry generator for testing purposes, just to see the scenario works out, instead of doing it by hand.

Plans ahead

We’re picking up more and more projects, with Directual being a staple of our tech stack to handle them, in different industries, of different complexity. On top of that, I am thankful to the team behind Directual as well: always helpful, always eager to help us out. Case in point: we had some trouble with our project, and to sort things out, the owners recorded a 30-minute video explanation how to unravel what we’ve created. 

We’re observing carefully where web3 is going, and it’s fantastic that the platform is also well-integrated with blockchain. Maybe not now, but later we’ll definitely get into that as well.

And of course, it’s worth mentioning again that we are partners: our studio gets a cut for every top up or tariff plan purchase our clients make with Directual. It’s a fantastic program which makes it very lucrative for us. 


Interested in learning more about this case, or want to ask questions about the platform? Just let us know by sending a message to hello@directual.com.


What is No-code Masters?
What is No-code Masters?

No-code Masters is a software development agency founded by Vladislav Kovalski that specializes in creating software products for clients using no-code and other tech stacks.

How did No-code Masters discover Directual?
How did No-code Masters discover Directual?

No-code Masters discovered Directual after trying out several other no-code platforms that couldn't meet their needs. They then gave Directual a try and found that it met all of their requirements.

Why was Directual chosen as a basic technology by No-code Masters?
Why was Directual chosen as a basic technology by No-code Masters?

Directual was chosen because it works well for No-code Masters's heavy-duty software development needs, and it's fantastic when it comes to database management. In addition, Directual is committed to meeting its clients halfway through by adding features that are requested.

What could be improved with Directual?
What could be improved with Directual?

A-labs.dev feels that working with large databases has its challenges and UI-wise it would be nice to have more clarity. They also feel that having a database table would be amazing, so that elements can be added in bulk, and not one by one.

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