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Database and API-builder

Configure cloud database

  • Set up database structure easily
    Directual provides intuitive tools for fast configuration of data base. Set up folders, data structures, objects’ fields, groups of fields. Deal with such types of data as string, number, file, and with complex data types using json.
  • Connect different tables 
    Interconnect your data using links and arrays of links between different objects. For example, you can link orders to customers and set multiple links from managers to the orders to be processed. 
  • Apply file storage for images and documents
    Directual file storage is designed to help you easily store user-generated content, such as photos and documents. The file storage supports user-based security, as well as all the Directual APIs.

Authenticate users

  • Store detailed user profiles
    Users in Directual a stored in a data structure, which can be configured as you like. Add any field you need: personal information, contacts, statistics, links to orders, etc.
  • Setup role-based access
    Directual allows you to setup complex (and even dynamic) role-based access model both for data and app pages. Moreover, some features in Web-page builder implement role-based access as well.
  • Choose proper encryption
    Directual supports enterprise-level security by supporting md5 plus such advanced encryption methods as bcrypt and sha256.

Design API-methods

  • Create RESTful API for your app
    To work with database via web or mobile interfaces developer should design and create API-endpoints which processes POST and GET requests. Directual API-builder helps to do it quickly and easily.
  • Configure advanced settings 
    Directual API-builder supports configuring advanced API-settings, including filtering, validating, sorting, custom query params processing and (a unique Directual feature!) calling synchronic scenarios.
  • Use Webhooks
    Webhooks are automated messages sent from apps when something happens. Directual supports multiple webhooks for an app. Plus, you can parse webhook-messages easily using JSON-scenario step.

Keep calm and scale

  • Store millions of records
    Directual is based on scalable and powerful technologies. Handling millions of records is absolutely OK for it! So Directual can become the solid fundamental technology behind everything you do.
  • Enjoy fast and furious data processing
    Powered by Amazon’s cloud infrastructure, NoSQL Directual database is built to scale with your app. The algorithms for processing, filtering and searching support fast and smooth work of your app.
  • Apply CI/CD approach 
    Directual is built with respect for all the principles of modern software development. So it supports such essential features as app versioning and multi-environmental DEV–TEST–PROD migration.

Integrate with other systems

Directual integrations allow you to connect your app with popular services: site-builders, CRMs, email, messengers, social networks and many others.

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Free until you’re ready to skyrocket

No trial here. You are welcome to learn and experiment. Directual will be free as long as your app is small and isn’t in prod. Then just choose the proper paid plan–they are flexible and start from 30$ monthly.