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Web-page builder

Launch mobile-friendly web-portal

  • Launch a web-portal in a couple of clicks
    Directual web-page builder is a way to develop beautiful mobile-friendly web-app in a few minutes. It is a lightweight and mobile-friendly ReactJS-based web-application.
  • Add pages for different roles
    Configure which pages should be public, which ones should be available for authorised users only or even for the users with certain roles.
  • Connect your domain, get free SSL
    Besides deploying your project to a subdomain of directual.app you can also publish your project to any custom domain. Moreover, Directual automatically provides SSL ("secure socket layer") to encrypt your app.

Choose visual theme

  • Pick one of the color schemes
    Choose the color scheme you fancy, whether dark or light one. Use pre-built (Tiffany Blue, Raspberry, Denim Mint, Warm Night) or craft your own color scheme.
  • Setup fonts, border radius
    Create unique font pair for your app, choosing from beautiful font-faces. Also, set the best looking border radius for buttons and inputs.

Add interactive forms

  • Collect data via beautiful forms
    Directual interactive form follows all the best practices for online form-builders. Use the form in your web-app (it’s suitable for editing the objects as well) or embed them into external web-pages.
  • Setup dynamic form sections
    Create dynamic form sections that are hidden or shown depending on the data entered by the user. For example, user may choose the country, and then the proper select with cities is appeared.
  • Process the submission synchronically
    Connect Directual scenarios in a synchronic mode. That allows you to calculate something (for example, leasing or debt calculator) or call an external API and then show the result to the user.

Use flexible cards or table view

  • Implement fancy cards/table view for your data
    Cards view for Directual web-page builder is a simple but powerful component for displaying and editing your data. Add pictures, counters, different fields on the card. Use connected cards (for example, order ic connected with a manager)
  • Implement all the features of API-builder
    Since, you can access the data on Directual only through secure API-endpoint, the component supports user-based security, filtering, sorting and all the other features of Directual API-builder.
  • Use actions on the cards
    Add action buttons or even forms to your cards or to the connected cards. That is perfect, for example, for managing status model. Also, you can setup the conditional for an action (it can depend on user's session or on object details).

More options for building an app interface

Feel free to use other no-code tools for developing your app front-end. Also, you can apply traditional development technologies. Explore Directual Boilerplate code for React.

Free until you’re ready to skyrocket

No trial here. You are welcome to learn and experiment. Directual will be free as long as your app is small and isn’t in prod. Then just choose the proper paid plan–they are flexible and start from 30$ monthly.