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Directual has closed a funding round

December 15, 2021

In December 2021 Directual has closed a funding round led by Sistema SmartTech and JointJourney. That’ll help us to introduce more powerful features, to add more comprehensive tutorials and templates, and to invest in the Directual community. The founders are excited to share their vision for further company development.

Pavel Ershov

Directual has always been a mission-driven company. We do believe that any person can become a product Maker who builds marvellous apps! That is why we are proceeding to invest a lot of our resources and time into:

  • Directual community—it’s much more than the list of its members. Any newcomer can reckon on the assistance of a seasoned Directual developer. Our engineering team builds the features, which are the most desirable, according to the upvotes on the public roadmap. Soon, we’ll introduce the huge update of the affiliate programme, to let Directual ambassadors get more benefits from us!
  • Educational materials and tutorials. Directual, being one of the most powerful no-code platforms on the market, has a rather long learning curve. Thus, we are going to focus on providing the community with a plethora of comprehensive educational materials, case studies and video tutorials. Having started with bootcamps, we are going to introduce a free crash course, which will cover all the platform modules and best practices.
  • The platform. Of course, the essential goal for further improvement is the platform! We are excited about new ideas to implement. We’ll proceed with developing the platform towards a full-stack tool for an extremely wide variety of use cases: internal portals, startups, CRMs, learning management systems, marketplaces, etc. The pace of introducing new features will increase even more!

Nikita Navalikhin

I am really proud of what we’ve done as of today, but I excited even more about new powerful features that’ll allow our users to build astoundingly sophisticated apps without coding at all.

  • New breathtaking features. Our product team doesn’t live in a vacuum. We are in constant communication with our users. At least 70% of new ideas are coming via our public roadmap. You may see that in a few months Directual is becoming an unconditional leader on the no-code market, in terms of flexibility and scalability!
  • Strengthen the team. For sure, we've got additional space for manoeuvre in strengthening the team. If you are an engineer, product manager, marketer or copywriter, feel free to reach us out! Directual team is magical, indeed—join us!
  • Geo-distributed cloud + version for private clouds. Directual public cloud is based on AWS. Servers are situated in Ireland. In a few months, our users will have a choice where to store the data: Europe, USA, Japan, Russia, etc. Also, we've started working on a special version of the Directual platform for private clouds, which will be available on the AWS marketplace.

Thank you for being with us!

About SST

Sistema SmartTech was established to identify promising market niches and support companies with high growth potential at early stages. The fund focuses on investments in fast-growing startups primarily of Russian origin to upscale their business and subsequently exit through a sale to a strategic investor in 2-3 years.

The fund's mission is to provide comprehensive (financial, structural, marketing) support to promising companies, address challenging tasks, and encourage their growth using available industrial competencies in the area of VC investment management and extensive contacts in various industries.

About JointJourney

JointJourney is an investment firm, launched by an angel investor and serial entrepreneur Sergey Dashkov. Since 2016, JJ has invested in 80+ companies, with a total value of $25M, across numerous industries, such as Big Data, FinTech, New Energy, VR, Internet of Things, and BioTech.

JJ’s fast and diverse approach to investing results in a great knowledge of market and technology trends. JJ acts as a partner to founders, giving them full autonomy in operations.


What is Directual?
What is Directual?

Directual is a full-stack no-code platform that gives you the scalability and flexibility to launch your app's MVP and go beyond scaling it without limits!

What kind of applications can be built using Directual?
What kind of applications can be built using Directual?

Directual is used to build just about anything, including e-commerce sites, internal tools, SaaS, web3 projects, project management software, and more.

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