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Take a peek inside Directual’s kitchen and see the latest company news, team updates & opinions, and where we’re all heading at the moment.

New Directual Billing — and how we built it

Big news: we’ve updated the billing section on our platform! That’s the module responsible for calculating virtually everything: tariff plans, developer seats, the cost of on-demand resources depending on the plan, discounts, and promo codes. Long story short, it’s a rather sophisticated part of the platform, built on the platform itself! Find the breakdown of it all below, folks.

April 28, 2022
Leo Khellenbrand

Directual has closed a funding round

In December 2021 Directual has closed a funding round led by Sistema SmartTech and JointJourney. That’ll help us to introduce more powerful features, to add more comprehensive tutorials and templates, and to invest in the Directual community. The founders are excited to share their vision for further company development.

December 15, 2021
Pavel Ershov

How to craft an ideal Public Roadmap

Directual product development roadmap goes public! There you can find the current development pipeline, upvote the features you like most, request new ones and subscribe for the updates. Of course, the roadmap is developed on the platform. You’ll find new template and a comprehensive step-by-step video-tutorial for building a similar roadmap app for yourself!

June 4, 2021
Pavel Ershov

Three things we loved in 2020

A lot changed in 2020 for millions of people. There were new challenges in the software world, they mostly referred to the rapid adoption of remote work and online services. In order to be transformed, whole industries had to introduce new software. No-code technology became the very solution to those challenges!

January 16, 2021
Pavel Ershov

Directual Design—an open-source front-end project

Directual has always been a perfect choice for low-coding a backend of a web or mobile app. But, bearing in mind our motto to “let people create”, we started working on Directual Web-page builder. Moreover, we decided to make it open-source—to let every front-end developer be able to build new web-components for interface constructor. So, meet Directual Design — the basic open-source React-components library!

July 10, 2020
Nikita Navalikhin

Introducing fresh Directual 7.0

The Spring 2020 has become the time for one of the most significant Directual updates since the very beginning. We are introducing: fresh 7.0 version of the platform, open registration, flexible pricing plans and the Academy.

March 31, 2020
Pavel Ershov