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Directual Pricing update

See the latest changes to our pricing.

Hey everyone,

Let's get straight to the point.

Starting June 1st, Directual is adjusting its prices. Yes, we're talking about a hike in the fees you pay. Before you grab the pitchforks or start drafting that break-up email, hear us out.

Why the price hike?

Firstly, our team is expanding. 

We are hiring more brilliant minds to work day in and day out to ensure Directual not only meets but exceeds your expectations. We're rolling out new features, improving processes, and generally making the platform more powerful than ever before. The sky’s the limit.

Secondly, operating a no-code platform like ours costs a pretty penny. Server costs, maintenance, security measures—you name it, we’ve got it, and it all adds up. Unfortunately, the climbing prices in the digital world apply to everyone, us included.

Still a bargain

Now, let’s talk about the new numbers (monthly/yearly commitment):

Startup Plan: Was $29/$39, now $39/$49.

Pro Plan: Jumping from $99/$139 to $175/$249.

Business Plan: $300/$429 will now be $599/$899.

On-demand prices are also increasing across the board.

Even with these new prices, using Directual is still many times cheaper than either learning to code from scratch or hiring a team of developers. Let people create—our motto never changed, and we believe this pricing update is as inclusive as possible. It’s a tough balance to strike.

In the dashboard section, you can see clear data on your usage. For every scenario, you can also see the usage in the logs. Every processing-intense step is marked with the 🔥emoji and the coefficient numbers—to keep everything visible at a glance.

What’s more?

We're not just tweaking prices and calling it a day. In response to feedback on how we handle operations, we're introducing coefficients for processing steps based on their complexity and resource consumption:

  • JavaScript SDK operations taking longer than 0.5 seconds. Coeff = time / 0.5;
  • HTTP requests running longer than 3 seconds. Coeff = time / 3;
  • Operations involving heavy context greater than 1kb. Coeff = size / 1kb;
  • Synchronous scripts that run over 5 seconds. Coeff = time / 5.

This means you’re getting a fairer system where you only use what you truly need. New users, it’s a steal for you—-even with the bump in price.

To those who’ve been with us and are thinking, "Well, this stinks," remember that if you're already a user, your current pricing stays locked in. No changes for you—just keep doing what you’re doing. 

One thing to note is that the coefficient calculation method will still be introduced and that’s your perfect way to get the most out of data processing at an affordable price—something AWS charges us an arm and a leg for. Enjoy 🙂


Feel free to reach out with questions or if you need a bit more convincing. Trust us, it’s worth it. Come talk to us if you’ve got more to ask—the links to our communities are in the footer below.


The Directual Team


Why is Directual increasing its prices?
Why is Directual increasing its prices?

The platform is growing in every single regard; staff, more clients = more processing and hosting costs, R&D is not cheap, and our tech is also becoming more expensive. With higher costs, Directual can continue to deliver incredible value and new tech to no-code enthusiasts and enterprise businesses alike.

What happens to existing Directual users after the price update?
What happens to existing Directual users after the price update?

The costs remain the same forever—you will not see any surprise bills that you did not expect. The coefficient calculation method will be introduced to gauge processing limits, but this will not result in any significant changes for existing users.

What is the Directual coefficient calculation method?
What is the Directual coefficient calculation method?

It’s an optimization effort. If an action step creates an incredibly high load on the system, it shouldn’t be deemed as a simple, low-cost step. Last year we introduced a similar calculation method for the pageSize parameter of the Get request (number of requests = pageSize/30). With this method in place, the process load on the system is optimized and will result in better resource allocation and fair pricing for everyone.

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