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Introducing Directual Marketplace

It’s raining plugins! Check out our new Marketplace, now ripe with all sorts of plugins and modules you’ve been looking for. Anyone can contribute, buy, and sell plugins as well.

Have you ever been thinking that hey, it would be so nice to have this little pre-made module, or that plugin, or something like that? Well, no need to wonder anymore—you and your fellow Directualites can swoop down to Directual Marketplace and find all sorts of awesome plugins that will help you make the most out of our no-code platform.

Humble beginnings

The ability to develop custom plugins for Directual became a thing back at the beginning of 2021. We thought it would be only reasonable for everyone to have the ability to create plugins for Directual, apart from their own apps.

Since then, our wonderful community has only kept on growing. It is about time that you every user of the platform can publish plugins, templates, modules, and many other things. You can sell them, you can offer them for free, you can buy them, and you can browse for new arrivals, of course. 

Directual Plugin Marketplace

Directual has always been a community-led platform, and now, its future in your hands more so than ever.

Our plans for the Marketplace

Speaking of possibilities, here’s what kind of components you can find on the Marketplace:

  • Plugins: scenario steps and web page components (yes, at long last!)
  • Templates: complete pre-made apps you can yoink or buy from other users (WIP, stay tuned!)
  • Trusted developers: no-code developer certification and a catalog of certified dev agencies and no-code freelancers (also WIP for now)

How do I get started?

It’s super simple.

In your Directual dashboard, head to the Marketplace category and just start browsing. If you see a plugin you’d like to use, select it and click install. Boom, now it’s yours to use however you want.

You can do that from the Plugins section as well within your app. Just check out this Graphs plugin, and how it is. Could it be a perfect addition to your app? 

How do I publish my own plugins to the Marketplace?

For the time being, we will add new plugins to the Marketplace manually. Soon enough, however, all you will need to do is press a couple of buttons to self-publish your shiny creations.

You can send us a message via the support chat within Directual—we’ll help you get your plugin published with no problem at all.

What next?

Apart from the ability to publish your own plugins without our help, we will introduce Directual certification for platform users ready to offer services and/or develop their own plugins.

The Marketplace will be a perfect place for the plugin you never knew you wanted so badly, as well as a certified developer or dev agency to speed up your development process.

Jump into our communities (links in the footer below) if you’d like to learn more. Better yet, let us know what kind of components or plugins you’re dying to see now—maybe your wishes may come true much sooner than you would think.


What is Directual no-code platform?
What is Directual no-code platform?

Directual is a full-stack cloud no-code platform designed to help you build apps of any caliber without programming knowledge. Thanks to its powerful cloud architecture, you can truly go big without worrying about poor performance. Build projects of any kind, including web3 and AI-powered apps.

How does Directual marketplace work?
How does Directual marketplace work?

It’s as simple as clicking the button and installing the plugin into your library, which will be ready to use immediately. You can buy, sell, and publish free plugins anyone can use. A catalog of certified developers is also planned.

Can I publish my own plugins to Directual marketplace?
Can I publish my own plugins to Directual marketplace?

Yes! For the time being, connect with Directual team directly by sending us a message via the platform support chat, and we’ll sort you out. Soon, you’ll be able to do it yourself without any limits.

Is it easy to develop my own plugins?
Is it easy to develop my own plugins?

That depends on what kind of plugin you’re after. Even simple things, like UI elements, can be turned into plugins you can offer on the marketplace. You need to know the basics of JavaScript to develop a plugin.

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