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Directual, document generation, and you

Got a whole lot of PDFs to create and too little time? You’re in luck. See how it’s done with Directual in a few clicks.

Directual ain't your grandma's no-code platform. When we opened our doors to custom plugins at the start of 2021, we reaffirmed our big statement: "Let people create" Boy oh boy, did the people actually start doing that. It’s not about the company anymore; it’s about you, me, and the guys who figured out how to automate his entire business using Directual.

Let’s put a happy little plugin here

So one big thing about no-code that just about everyone loves—document generation. Why don’t we take a closer look at how Directual handles that, and what you can do to speed up your workflow even more.

Shortcuts, shortcuts, shortcuts—for a premium.

Imagine a digital bazaar where you can shop for everything you need to up your app-building game. That’s the Directual Plugin Marketplace for you. You've got the freedom to publish plugins, yoink templates, and yes, even make some hard cash from your own creations. In other words, if you build it, they will come. And buy.

Soon we will also roll out "trusted developers" program—you get a nifty little badge, and everyone knows you can be trusted with your development offers. Still in the works, but when it drops, expect fireworks.

Think the Directual no-code marketplace is limited to plugins? Think again. You’ve got:

  • Plugins: finally, the ability to add/sell/buy custom scenario steps and web page components. It’s about time.
  • Templates (coming very soon): pre-built apps that you can buy to kickstart your own projects. Reach out if you’d like to post one!
  • Directual certification: in the pipeline, but when it's out, you won't be rolling the dice when hiring help. 

Directual's marketplace empowers users to contribute, learn, and profit. It's the future of a community-led no-code ecosystem, and you are a part of it. Anyway, this article is about document processing, so why don’t we get past the sales pitch and start talking business.

Case study: document processing with the right tools

What better way to do it than with a real-life no-code LMS case study!

Evidpo didn't become big in the professional education sector by accident. Their competitors are still stuck in the Stone Age, offering cumbersome document processes. Evidpo said, "Screw that." They turned to remote learning, automated certificates, and seamless integration with government services. Problem is, it’s a hard thing to accomplish when you’ve got 12 different certificates to issue on average for niche professionals.

Enter Directual.

Don't have a team of developers? Who cares! Evidpo knew from the start they had multiple entities to juggle—clients, learning centers, students, accounting, and, yeah, the government. How can a small team manage that with conventional code? Yes, but also hell no. 

With Directual's flexibility, API integrations make having programs simiar LinkedIn Learning or Udemy courses as part of the curriculum, all accessible from Evidpo's platform.

Evidpo's platform serves over 47,000 students and has more than 1,500 business clients. They’ve created a Learning Management System, an intricate CRM, and even a quality assurance system for their sales team, all without writing a single line of code. 

Evidpo runs on a lean team and still outperforms competitors with squads triple their size. If that isn't ROI, what is? The professional education sector isn't just a U.S. or European game. There's untapped potential in Asia and Africa where demand for accredited training is skyrocketing. They also plan to add Augmented and Virtual Reality capabilities to their courses. It's one thing to read about how to conduct a business negotiation; it's another to actually be "in the room" through VR.

Evidpo didn't get here by being complacent. They looked at the hurdles, chewed them up, and spat them out. With a roadmap as ambitious as theirs, they're setting the pace, not just keeping up. All thanks to Directual.

Now that might seem like a lot of work! Shame for Evidpo, today is it much easier than it was yesterday. 

The right plugin for the job

Impressed? It's about to get even better. Directual offers a variety of plugins that can literally supercharge your no-code journey. And by 'variety,' we mean stuff that makes your workflow look like it was done by a team of engineers, minus the hassle of actually hiring one.

Documents generator

Data management is hell if you don't have the right tools. Directual offers a simple plugin that can convert your mayhem into structured documents. 

For $4.99 a month or a one-time payment of $34.99 (in D-coins), you can generate .docx, .xls, and .pdf files without breaking a sweat. Try it yourself, it’s so easy now. Sorry, Evidpo!

Oh by the way, you want to try it? Because you can. Check this out:

HTML→PDF Converter

With Directual's HTML to PDF Converter plugin, you can easily compose PDF documents of any complexity from your data. Same pricing as the Documents Generator, and we'd say it's a steal.


Directual's Charts plugin is all about making data comprehensible. 

For $11.9 a month or $79 as a one-off, you can transform whatever data monstrosity you have into line charts, bar charts, pie charts, and more.
We could talk more about it, but just look how beautiful it is:


You've got a thriving marketplace, success stories to prove its worth, and plugins that extend its capabilities. If you’re still on the fence about jumping into Directual, it’s not the platform that’s lacking—it’s your decision-making.

If you’ve got questions, hit us up at hello@directual.com, or better yet, head into one of our communities—the links are in the footer below. Discord, Facebook, Telegram, just get over here.


​​What is no-code document generation?
​​What is no-code document generation?

No-code document generation is the automated creation of digital documents without needing to write any software code. Platforms like Directual make this process as easy as a few clicks. Whether you're issuing certificates, creating reports, or generating invoices, it’s possible to do it without involving a development team.

How can I generate documents with no-code?
How can I generate documents with no-code?

Directual offers a marketplace featuring custom plugins and templates, including automated document generation. The platform’s API integrations allow for endless customization and scalability.

Is Directual cost-effective for startups?
Is Directual cost-effective for startups?

Absolutely. Directual offers plugins that streamline operations, like document generation and data management, for affordable one-time or monthly fees. You can supercharge your workflow without needing to hire a full-time development team for just about any project.

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