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No-coding and startups. How does it work?

November 2, 2023

No-code platforms make starting a business easy and affordable. Got an idea? Turn it into reality without tech hurdles.

Have you ever imagined launching your own startup, only to be held back by hefty development costs and the need for technical know-how? Those daunting $$$ figures for app development, website creation, and logo design can be a real problem. But what if we told you there's a more affordable, less technical route available now?

Dive into this article to discover how no-code platforms are reshaping the entrepreneurial landscape. 

Let's dive in!

Is no-code the solution for startups?


No-code development platforms, like Directual, Bubble, and Webflow (we love all these!), allow you to make apps by dragging and dropping elements. Or better yet, there are templates you can just yoink to get started.

But you probably know that already. The real question is: will no-code be a good solution for your startup? The answer is yes, if:

You need a quick MVP

Startups are always in a hurry to market. Testing an idea with a Minimum Viable Product is a wise first step. Traditional MVPs can take 2-3 months. With no-code, it can be ready in 2-3 weeks. Not only do you save time, but the quality remains top-notch.


You don't have a tech co-founder

Running a tech startup without a tech expert is a funny experience. You might think of hiring developers or learning to code because my oh my how do I build the darn thing? With no-code platforms, you take control. It's user-friendly, so you can tweak your app just the way you want it, even without technical know-how. There is always a bit of a learning curve, but hey! Even a proper pasta dish takes some time to learn. You’ll get there.

Your budget is tight

Building an app isn't cheap. Few good things in life are. No-code offers cost-effective solutions. Platforms like Directual allow you to make apps for free or at a fraction of the typical price. This means more funds for other crucial business areas, or just running on fumes until some traction is made. 

You have a clear app idea

Custom software is great for unique apps. If your app idea follows existing market patterns – think food delivery or online stores – why start from scratch? No-code platforms have templates ready for such apps (yup, we have these too!), eliminating lengthy development stages.

No-code development is revolutionizing the way startups act. Building apps is now faster, more affordable, and dare we say, more fun—so long as you have a proper idea of what you want to achieve.

Launching a no-code startup

Now, let’s talk money. How much for an app, in general?

With a team of developers (outsourced or otherwise), you’ll be looking at these numbers:

  • $30,000-$70,000 for the app dev process
  • $3,000-$10,000 for a nice looking website
  • $500-$3000 for a decent logo

Thinking of these figures can be overwhelming if you're dreaming of building a business, yes. If you have the drive, passion, and guts to take the risks, yet don't have the funds, these numbers will likely push you back. Maybe this 9-5 isn’t so bad after all? Well, no.


Years ago, lack of money often meant an end to your entrepreneurial dream. But not anymore! You can now build a website, design a logo, or develop a web app without spending huge amounts or deep technical knowledge. It’s quite simple, really.

Not only software engineers but anyone can create personal apps and tools. If you're tech-savvy or not, there's a platform ready to help you craft your software. We can think of one such platform, but more on that later.

No-code bootstrapping essentials

Major companies today sprouted from tiny ideas and almost zero cash. Here's some advice if you're considering a no-code startup:

Keep your day job

Most think success means quitting everything and plunging headfirst into business. Not true. Holding onto your regular job offers a safety net, industry insights, and skill development. You don’t want to be facing a situation where your startup has failed, you’re out of money, and everything looks grim.

Value over funding

It's a myth that only massive funds yield results. The trick lies in addressing a genuine customer need. In the case of Directual, not everyone can commit to being a career software developer in a particular field. Not every project warrants so much learning. Sometimes you’re just not a technical person, but oh that entrepreneurial itch must be scratched. That’s why you can build stuff with Directual no matter the background.

Stay flexible

No-code platforms offer the luxury of trial and error. Invested in an idea that's not resonating? Don't hesitate to change. No need to stick with what's not clicking. You would often hear this phrase: fail fast, move faster. It’s true, and so much easier to do when your app commitment is measured in days or weeks instead of years.

Grow sustainably

Rapid success isn't the only measure of triumph. Slow, steady progress allows a focus on quality, and that’s how you survive in the market. That’s why Directual has a tremendous focus on scalability: wouldn't it be a real shame if you made a beautiful app and got tons of customers only to see the performance grind to a halt? Yeah.

How can Directual help?

If the first section didn't convince you about the power of no-code platforms, let's take a real-life example that shows how impactful these tools can be.

Directual offers would-be entrepreneurs a unique advantage: launching a startup without needing a team of developers. Imagine cutting the need for a CTO just to see your app idea come alive. With Directual, the path is simplified and it's an excellent platform to test and scale your ideas.

Peers case study

A standout case is that of Peers, a headhunting and consulting service. As a recruitment agency specializing in roping in top-tier professionals, Peers has constantly evolved. It wasn’t just about creating a chatbot; it was about creating a bot that understands user needs in-depth.

With Directual, the Peers team saw their chatbot idea blossom in just six months. What's intriguing is the chatbot's capability to offer personalized company recommendations for job seekers and vice-versa, all in real-time.

Now, Peers wishes to expand beyond just a recruitment service, building a multi-faceted community app that will help people connect, network, and share their thoughts. No one is allowing the LinkedIn stream-of-consciousness feed to happen again either! All that is thanks to Directual.

Speaking of Directual (hope we’re not selling too hard), here’s what you can build with it:

  • Internal Apps: From admin portals to CMS, LMS, CRM, and whatnot.
  • Web3 dApps: Dive into the decentralized world, exploring everything from crypto payments to NFT marketplaces.
  • Backend-heavy Apps: For those apps that need to handle loads of data and users.
  • Smart chatbots: Streamline customer support, automate onboarding, and much more, all with the aid of AI.

Speaking of AI: you can even create apps on Directual with just a text prompt. Here’s how it works (yes, we saved the best for last):

No-code platforms like Directual democratize the app-building process, ensuring that anyone, irrespective of their tech proficiency, can bring their ideas to life.

Your vision. Your passion. Directual's platform. That's all you need to create something groundbreaking. So, why wait? Dive into the world of no-code and see your dreams turn into reality.


No tech skills? No problem. With Directual anyone can create an app or website. It's a practical solution for new entrepreneurs. If you’d like to learn more, simply send us a message at hello@directual.com, or better yet, hop into our communities and have a chat with fellow no-coders. The links are in the footer below. Thanks for reading!


Can I use no-code for a start-up if I can’t code?
Can I use no-code for a start-up if I can’t code?

No-code development is fantastic for startup founders who may not have deep technical knowledge. Directual cloud no-code platform makes app creation easy and offers a user-friendly interface where you can drag-and-drop elements or use pre-made templates. This reduces the need for a technical co-founder or the costs associated with hiring a development team.

Can no-code platforms speed up the development process for startups?
Can no-code platforms speed up the development process for startups?

Absolutely! Traditional development of an MVP can take several months, but with no-code platforms like Directual, you could see your MVP ready to go in as little as 1-2 weeks.

Is it cost-effective for startups to use no-code platforms for app development?
Is it cost-effective for startups to use no-code platforms for app development?

Yes, using no-code platforms is incredibly cost-effective for startups. Traditional app development can quickly rack up tens of thousands of dollars, but platforms like Directual offer the tools to build apps at a fraction of the cost. This budget-friendly approach frees up capital for other areas of your business.

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