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No-coding and affiliate marketing: top 10 directions for 2024

April 5, 2024

Discover how affiliate marketing can turn your online presence into profit by focusing on niche markets. Monetize blogs and social media effortlessly.

Got a cool haircut or started a killer workout plan? You probably told everyone about it. That's affiliate marketing, old-school style. No cash, just bragging rights.

But tech changed the game. Affiliate marketing is now a big deal. Got a website, blog, or are big on social media (yes, TikTok and Pinterest count)? You can make money by sending folks to products or services online. You don't have to create, support, or sell anything. You don't even need to be a big shot in the industry. Just get people to click your custom link to the advertiser’s site.

If you nail it, this can go from a side gig to serious online earnings. No code is the answer if you want to get into it fast. 

Hint: Directual also has an affiliate program, designed for freelancers and software dev studios! What’s more, you can even earn D-coins by promoting Directual.

What is an affiliate marketing niche?

Unless you're a giant like Amazon or eBay, narrow down your affiliate marketing. Focus your blog or website on a few topics. Your subscribers are used to preschool activity printables, and suddenly, you're talking blockchain. Confusing, right?

You might love both, but your readers probably don't. Too many different topics can make them feel lost. You don't have to ditch your interests. Just think about splitting them into two separate sites.

In affiliate marketing, a niche means you're targeting a specific group of products for a specific audience. These customers have similar needs, preferences, and are willing to pay a certain price. 

Categories like healthcare, include fitness, weight loss, haircare, and skincare. Go smaller? That's a sub-niche. Micro? Think skin home remedies for women under 40. Your niche choice affects visitor numbers and conversion rates. 

Before we dive into each niche, let’s grasp why picking the right one matters and how to do it.

Why choose a specific niche for affiliate marketing?

Focusing on a niche, whether broad or micro, is crucial for cashing in on affiliate marketing. Here's why:

Target audience

You can't win over every customer. A niche helps you understand your audience's details like demographics, interests, and buying habits. The more you know them, the more you can convert visitors to loyal customers.


Affiliate marketing can be your main gig, bringing in real money. It needs a game plan. Stick to a niche, and you won't scramble for new topics. Set up a content plan that aligns with your goals.

Better SEO

The internet's a crowded place. People rarely go past Google's first page. To get there, you need a tight strategy and SEO-focused content. For example, a geek blog article on data integration will rank fast because it's your specialty. But stray away, like writing about skincare, and you'll lose out on Google traffic. Staying on topic makes it easier for Google and visitors to understand your site. That means more targeted traffic and more money.

Less SEO effort

SEO for micro-niche blogs is easier, quicker, and cheaper. It boosts your page and domain authority without breaking the bank.


You can't be an expert in everything. Customers pay for expertise. Each post in your niche builds your authority and ups your game. You can charge more due to your expertise. Plus, deep niche knowledge lets you collaborate with other experts, widening your reach.

Bottom line: Pick a niche and stick with it.

Choosing the best niche for affiliate marketing

Picking the right affiliate marketing niche is a headache for newbies. Want to make cash through affiliate marketing? Here's the breakdown:

Know your interests

Jump into something you're pumped about. Don’t chase trends blindly. Remember Confucius? “Choose a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life.” Writing about your passions makes you sound real and builds your expertise. So, pick something you love and know.

Follow the crowd

Don't chase unicorns in affiliate marketing. Don't try to be a trailblazer. Instead, keep tabs on what's buzzing and align it with your interests. Check social media, top sites, or industry blogs for the latest trends. Amazon’s great for finding what sells and figuring out niche profitability.

Where's the money?

The best niche is not just popular; it's profitable. If a niche is hot, make sure it pays well. Focus on evergreen areas that do well, recession or not.

Check competitors

If you think a niche is a moneymaker, others do too. Scope out the competition. Can you still rake in the cash?

Think micro

Don't just choose a niche; go micro. It sharpens your focus and makes product selection easier. Plus, micro-niches boost your search engine visibility. For example:

  • Weightloss? Too broad. Try Paleo diet for thyroid issues.
  • Makeup? Narrow it to makeup for mature light skin.
  • Yoga? Focus on Fly yoga classes in Berlin.

In short, choose wisely, go niche, or even better, micro.

Use tools like Google Trends to pinpoint your micro-niche. But first, get real about your commitment. Are you just setting up PPC campaigns, or diving into social media too? Planning to run a website or blog? Will you collect emails for newsletters? Answer these before you dive into your affiliate marketing niche. Is it worth your time and effort?

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Selling just one product rarely brings big bucks, no matter how hot it is. Juggle multiple products. This way, if one flops, you’ve got backups. If visitors don’t bite on one, they might like another. Rory Sutherland in "Alchemy" says the maths is different here. Earning $100 from 10 products is often easier than $1,000 from one.

To sum up, your affiliate marketing niche needs the three Ps: passion, potential, and profit. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all perfect niche.

Best niches for affiliate marketing in 2024

Alright, let’s dive into the full list of top affiliate marketing niches:


Everyone's crazy about the latest tech. Everything from VPNs and web hosting to smoke detectors and productivity apps. Lots of SaaS affiliate programs pay big, like up to $500 a sale. VPNs are hot too, helping people surf anonymously. NordVPN is an affiliate with just about any big YouTube content creator out there, for instance.

Make videos on the latest tech trends, or write reviews on your site. Partnering with a software tech provider's another smart move. Plus, tech’s always growing—it’s practically evergreen. Mobile app revenue is expected to hit over $935 billion by 2023, too.

Don’t forget about no-code tools. Coding's tough, but no-code lets people build cool apps without the headache or huge costs.

Wealth building

Everyone wants to be loaded. Loads of folks aim to make money from investments, ditch debt, and stash cash for retirement, but clueless on how to nail it. They're hunting for solid advice—trading services, killer financial newsletters, top investment apps, the latest webinars. 

You don't need to be a finance guru like Warren Buffet to dive into the investment content game. There's more than stocks—think real estate, gold, even peer-to-peer crypto lending.

With Web 3.0 and blockchain, the Bitcoin frenzy is still on. Jump in now, and you could rake in serious cash. There's a massive demand for wealth-building stuff. Find a unique approach, put in the graft, and you're set for a win.

Health and fitness

Everyone wants to be rich and ripped. People shell out crazy cash to stay healthy, making this niche great.

Health awareness skyrocketed with COVID-19. Folks are buying pricey health products and, once hooked, they keep coming back. Think personal care, nutrition, preventative and alternative medicine, anti-aging, fitness, mental health, weight loss, pregnancy—these sub-niches are hot.

The world’s aging. Older folks need more medical care and products, bumping up the medical market. Plus, the anti-aging craze is huge. People are trying all sorts to look young.

Then there’s the weight loss game. People drop about $60 billion a year on it. And linked to getting fit? Home gyms, yoga, sports gear, energy drinks. This space offers solid profits and can feel like easy money if you play it smart or take a unique approach in affiliate marketing.

Fashion and beauty 

Funny thing—no matter the economy, beauty and fashion always kill it. Why? People want to look good, even when everything else is a mess. We're vain.

With a bazillion brands and products, folks need guidance. What to buy, how to use it—that's where beauty bloggers and affiliates cash in. Think about launching YouTube tutorials on beauty hacks, style trends, fashion must-haves.

It's a repeat purchase goldmine. Plus, fashion and beauty affiliate programs offer sweet commission rates for every sale. Heads up, the skincare market's set to hit nearly $190 billion by 2025, and cosmetics at a whopping $750 billion. And it's not just for women anymore. More guys are getting into looking sharp. That's what makes beauty and fashion a hot ticket in affiliate marketing.


Lifestyle is a giant in the affiliate world. It's all about making life better, and everyone's searching for that. You've got endless sub-niches: 

  • Education
  • Self-development
  • Productivity
  • Marriage
  • Home decor
  • Digital nomads
  • Van life
  • Tiny houses
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Sustainable living
  • …you name it.

Take online education. Since COVID-19 hit, there's been a boom in people looking for online learning. Any subject, any language, any difficulty level.

Lifestyle and self-improvement blogs are hot right now. Tons of online courses, books, videos to boost confidence, smash goals, excel in careers, and tackle challenges.

And don’t overlook home décor. Always in demand. Whether it's sprucing up to sell or decking out a new place, people drop $500 to $5,000 per room. That's a niche worth diving into.


If you dive into this niche, think big and varied. Music, Gardening, Photography, Videography, Fishing, Food, DIY, Art, Movies, Writing, Drones, Cars, Books, Cameras, VR—it's all fair game. The limits? Just your imagination.

Take gardening. It's not just a weekend pastime anymore. Urban farming's on the rise, making this micro-niche a hot topic. The payouts aren't massive, but they're solid enough to turn a profit.

Then there's the Food Niche. Who doesn't eat? You've got endless ways to monetize: recipe blogs, quick meals, ethnic dishes, baking-focused content, and more.

Pet care 

Folks don't hesitate on meds, surgeries, or rehab to keep their pets kicking longer.

Offer products and services like pet training or breed-specific programs. People are always looking for ways to potty train the little ones or teach older dogs obedience skills. If you're crazy about pets, why not create and sell your own info products? Think e-books, video tutorials, online classes. You can do this as an affiliate, tapping into a market where pet owners are always hunting for trusted advice and new ideas.

The global pet care market is booming, expected to reach $358.62 billion by 2027. That's a lot of potential for affiliate marketing. Think outside the box—eco-friendly pet products, tech gadgets for pets, even pet insurance. And don't forget about the emotional angle—stories of pet rescues, transformation journeys, and training success can resonate deeply with pet owners, driving more traffic and interest to your site.


The travel industry, valued at a whopping $7 trillion, took a beating in the first two years of COVID-19. It bounced back and is set to grow in 2024.

This makes travel one of the juiciest affiliate niches out there, with rich pickings in both luxury and budget segments. Most travel bloggers rake in cash through hotel reviews, flights, city tours, luggage, travel insurance, and clothing.

Tap into niche travel experiences like eco-tourism or adventure travel. People are looking for unique, sustainable travel options. Plus, with the rise of digital nomadism, products and services catering to long-term travelers are hot. Think portable tech, international SIM cards, co-working space memberships.

Don’t forget travel apps and guides—they’re essential for the modern traveler. From language translation apps to local dining guides, there's a ton of potential for affiliate links.

Also, as travel safety becomes a big deal, products like personal safety gadgets or COVID-19 travel insurance are gaining traction. In short, the travel market's not just about getting from A to B; it’s about the whole experience.


Homeowners have always been into home security. But with crime rates climbing, people are now shelling out for high-tech solutions. Demand's up for home security cameras, alarms, and apps that let folks keep an eye on their place from afar.

Then 2020 hit, and boom—everyone realized stocking up on food and water wasn't just for doomsday preppers. Suddenly, signing up for prepper programs became mainstream.

This niche? It’s not just about locking doors. You can push everything from hunting gear to prepper backpacks and freeze-dried food. But there's more to it. Think smart home systems—gadgets that control lighting, heating, and even appliances for added security and efficiency.

With the rise in remote work, home office security is a hot topic. People want to protect their work tech. Also, in areas prone to natural disasters, there's a growing market for emergency preparedness kits.

Lastly, don't overlook the personal safety angle. Self-defense products, first aid kits, and emergency response training are gaining traction.


Non-profit and charity sectors don’t exactly scream “big money” for affiliate marketing. “Non-profit” might sound like a no-go for anyone chasing fat commissions. Non-profits and charities handle serious cash.

Working with these sectors gives you that nice, cozy feeling of doing something good. But it's not just about feeling good. There's real potential here. Think about promoting products or services that non-profits need—fundraising tools, event management software, or even ethical office supplies.

Partner with companies that donate a portion of their sales to non-profits. It's a win-win. You make a commission, and a charity gets a cut. With more people wanting to support sustainable and ethical causes, this niche is ripe for growth. 


Pick a killer niche, nail the right keywords, and get ready to grind. That's your ticket to winning at niche affiliate marketing. Eyeing fat commissions? Keep hunting for fresh angles and products. The affiliate marketing world is massive, with endless micro-niches.  We've dished out the most profitable ones here. Now go find your cash cow.


What is affiliate marketing?
What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is earning money by promoting others' products or services online. You earn when people click on your custom link to the advertiser’s site.

Why is selecting a niche important in affiliate marketing?
Why is selecting a niche important in affiliate marketing?

Choosing a niche targets a specific audience, enhances SEO, makes content strategy focused, and establishes authenticity, increasing conversion and earnings.

How do you pick a profitable niche for affiliate marketing?
How do you pick a profitable niche for affiliate marketing?

Identify your interests, follow market trends, assess profitability, check competition, and consider micro-niches for more targeted affiliate marketing.

Can affiliate marketing become a primary source of income?
Can affiliate marketing become a primary source of income?

Yes, with the right strategy, niche selection, and consistent effort, and a well-rounded no-code tool to build it on, affiliate marketing can transition from a side gig to a significant source of online income.

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