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OpenAI + Directual part 2: Connecting ChatGPT to scenarios

Check out how to integrate ChatGPT with Directual and use it with scenarios! It’s your perfect companion and aide now, available free of charge on both ends.

In our most recent post about OpenAI coming to Directual, we’ve covered some of the things you can expect from the integration. Well, no more expecting, it’s here! Your awesome chatbots, images, and all-around no-coding experience are all now ChatGPT-powered. 

Let’s take a look at how it all works.

How OpenAI works with Directual

Oh, just before we begin, another curious fact about OpenAI: ChatGPT has passed an MBA exam at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and scored between -B and B. Impressive! 

Anyway, the Integration is already available in the Plugins section of Directual:

OpenAI Directual plugin

In case you haven’t registered an account with OpenAI yet, it’s best if you go to chat.openai.com and get one.

Lifehack: you will be asked to enter your phone number for verification. Certain countries' phone numbers are unsupported or will redirect you to the “we are at capacity” page. You can circumvent that by getting an e-sim from countries that don’t have a problem like that, like the countries in the EU or the Americas. We recommend trying (no affiliation, by the way) these services: popcorn.tel and esimdb.com. Enjoy!

Then, you’ll need to generate a ChatGPT API key. Be mindful, however, that there is currently a limit on the number of queries you can make, and for now, it’s available free of charge

Once you have the API key added to the plugin, you can add it to your scenarios in Directual: 

OpenAI steps in Directual scenario

It’s capable of a number of things, mainly:

Converting text to an image

Based on your query, OpenAI will generate an image of the given size and parameters. You can go absolutely wild, but bear in mind that it takes a while and you’ll need to train your model for a little bit until you get really good results.

Complete texts and code

ChatGPT will automatically convert text queries into custom code, and locate necessary parameters within the field. In the case of chatbots, provide all of its treasure trove of knowledge together with supplying other functions you’ve created.

Ta-daaaa! Enjoy, now is the perfect time to get your AI-based product off the ground, but again, be careful: everything is still very fresh off the press, so it’s likely the service and AI text detection will change over time.


Personally, we’re loving ChatGPT and everything it’s capable of so far. It’s a perfect wingman, but not a replacement to programmers, content creators, and most importantly, what it says is not the universal truth. Treat it as your helper, and not a leader, and you’ll have great results.

In case of questions and hints to better use ChatGPT with Directual, send us a message at hello@directual.com or hop into our communities, available in the footer below.


What is the OpenAI Directual plugin and how does it work?
What is the OpenAI Directual plugin and how does it work?

It's a magical tool that turns your dreams into reality! Just kidding, but it does come pretty close. The OpenAI Directual plugin is an integration that allows you to power your chatbots, image generation, and overall no-coding experience with the help of OpenAI's ChatGPT. It can convert text to custom code, generate images based on your query, and provide your chatbot with a wealth of knowledge. All you need is an OpenAI API key and you're good to go.

How do I get an OpenAI API key?
How do I get an OpenAI API key?

First, you'll need to register an account with OpenAI. Then, you can generate an API key from your account settings. Just keep in mind that there is currently a limit on the number of queries you can make, and for now, it's free of charge. Oh, and if you run into any issues with phone verification, we've got a lifehack for you: get an e-sim from a country that doesn't have a problem with it, like the EU or the Americas. We recommend services like popcorn.tel and esimdb.com.

Can I use OpenAI Directual plugin to create my own Terminator-like AI?
Can I use OpenAI Directual plugin to create my own Terminator-like AI?

Sorry to disappoint you, but no, you can't use OpenAI Directual plugin to create a world-ending AI. However, you can use it to create some pretty amazing AI-based products. Just remember to use your powers for good, not evil. And, of course, keep in mind that everything is still very fresh off the press, so the service and AI text detection may change over time.

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