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Directual is great, but don’t take our word for it. See what our customers have to say, and learn how much they’ve improved their product journey since our paths crossed.

Code Word: on the creativity, flexibility, and results

Code Word, a product marketing agency discovered no-code/low-code as both an instrumental tool in improving its own business processes and now offers development services to its clients, leading to faster MVP checks, successful software product launches, and much-improved cost-efficiency.

February 17, 2022
Pavel Ershov

Karma.red case study

Karma, a global p2p loan platform, decided to opt for low-code/no-code in order to facilitate growth at a more reasonable pace. As a result, Karma is successfully pushing more and more of its infrastructure to Directual, meeting no unsurpassable technical obstacles and saving money as a result.

February 5, 2022
Leo Khellenbrand

Case study. Electronic catalogue for Schlumberger

Being a renowned innovator in Oil&Gas, Schlumberger chose Directual as a basic technology for its Electronic Catalogue solution. Thanks to the low-code approach the application was delivered in a minimal time-to-market. All the business needs were met, because Directual low-code platform does not have any significant functional limitations.

August 24, 2020
Nikita Navalikhin

Case study. Employee portal for UFG Wealth Management

UFG Wealth Management meticulously fosters a strong, cohesive company culture. Personal development of each and every employee is an essential issue for improving that culture. Directual helped UFG Wealth Management to build digital solution which implemented the modern and efficient approach to improving employee personal development process.

May 28, 2020
Pavel Ershov